BS EN 62005-9-1:2015 - Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components. Reliability. Qualification of passive optical components
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BS EN 62005-9-1:2015

Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components. Reliability. Qualification of passive optical components

Status : Current   Published : October 2015



IEC 62005-9-1:2015 establishes a general reliability qualification program that applies to all passive fibre optic components except connectors and connector assemblies, the passing of which, suggests a minimum level of reliability assurance and allows that specific device to be called qualified to this standard. The objectives of this International Standard are as follows:

- to specify the requirements for a general reliability qualification standard (RQS) for passive optical components;

- to give direction to the supplier and to the end user on the production and purchase of passive optical components to meet and verify reliability qualification standards for certain specified service environments;

- to give the minimum list of reliability qualification stress tests and conditions;

- to establish guidance for the selection of appropriate measurements and pass/fail criteria;

- to give relevant references;

- and to establish the minimum reporting requirements. This standard defines a series of stress tests, their severity, sequences, quantities of devices under the test (DUT), acceptance criteria, and reporting requirements. It also gives guidelines to selecting appropriate measurements and pass/fail criteria. Keywords: reliability qualification standard (RQS) for passive optical components

Standard NumberBS EN 62005-9-1:2015
TitleFibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components. Reliability. Qualification of passive optical components
Publication Date31 October 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 61300-2-22, EN 61300-2-18, EN 61300-2-44, EN 61300, IEC 61300-2-1, IEC 62005, EN 61753, IEC 61300-2-9:2017, EN IEC 61753-1:2018, EN 61300-2-9:2017, BS EN IEC 61753-1:2018, IEC 61753-1:2018, BS EN 61753-1, EN 61300-2-47, IEC 61300-2-44, EN 61300-2-1, IEC 61300-2-42, EN 61300-2-4, EN 60749-26, IEC 61300, IEC 61753, EN 61300-2-19, IEC 61300-2-47, IEC 61300-2-4, IEC 61300-2-18, EN 61300-2-17, EN 61300-2-42, EN 62005-1, IEC 62005-1, EN 62005, EN 61300-2-22, IEC 60749-26, IEC 61300-2-17, IEC 61300-2-19
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 61300-2-15, EN 61300-2-15, IEC 61300-2-6, IEC 61300-2-5, EN 61300-2-5, IEC 61300-2-7, IEC 61300-2-35, MIL-STD-883, EN 61300-2-14, EN 61300-2-6, GR-1221-CORE, IEC 61300-2-14, EN 61300-2-35, EN 61300-2-7
International RelationshipsEN 62005-9-1:2015,IEC 62005-9-1:2015
Draft Superseded By12/30218817 DC
DescriptorsQuality control, Fibre optics, Failure (quality control), Reliability, Failure rate, Fibre optic connectors, Product tests, Optical fibres
Title in FrenchDispositifs d'interconnexion et composants passifs à fibres optiques. Fiabilité. Qualification des composants optiques passifs
Title in GermanLichtwellenleiter. Verbindungselemente und passive Bauteile. Zuverlässigkeit. Beurteilung der passiven optischen Bauteile
ISBN978 0 580 71066 7
File Size2.271 MB

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