PD CEN/TR 614-3:2010 - Safety of machinery. Ergonomic principles for the design of mobile machinery

PD CEN/TR 614-3:2010

Safety of machinery. Ergonomic principles for the design of mobile machinery

Status : Current   Published : December 2010



This Technical Report establishes the ergonomic principles to be followed during the design process of mobile machinery with special emphasis on the aspects in which mobile machinery differs from static machinery. The ergonomic design principles given in this Technical Report apply to either or both seated and standing positions. This Technical Report is applicable for the design of mobile (self-propelled and towable) machines in order to ensure ergonomic working conditions for the operator. This Technical Report applies only to driving and operating mobile machinery and not to performing other tasks (e.g. sorters on a potato harvesting machine). Pedestrian-controlled and handheld machinery are not included. This Technical Report also applies to vehicle-mounted machinery when observing their functional properties e.g. mobile cranes. Installing, cleaning, and repairing of mobile machinery is not included. Basic concepts and general ergonomic principles for the design of machinery are dealt with in prEN ISO 12100 and EN 614-1 and EN 614-2. NOTE 1 EN 614-1 provides a framework for incorporating ergonomics principles in the design process. This framework helps designers to perform ergonomics analyses and design actions at the appropriate stages of the design process. NOTE 2 EN 614-2 provides principles of the design of the work tasks in interaction with machinery design. This framework helps designers to focus on the work task design and on the optimal allocation of work tasks between the operator and the machine.

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