BS EN 60335-1:1994+A2:2000 - Safety of household and similar electrical appliances. General requirements

BS EN 60335-1:1994+A2:2000

Safety of household and similar electrical appliances. General requirements

Status : Withdrawn   Published : April 1995 Replaced By : BS EN 60335-1:2002+A15:2011

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This standard deals with the safety of electrical appliances for household and similar purposes. It has been updated to incorporate requirements for the use of protective electronic circuits in household and similar electrical appliances. The newly amended edition will also cover abnormal situations that can be expected in practice and takes into account the way in which electromagnetic phenomena can affect the safe operation of appliances.

Standard NumberBS EN 60335-1:1994+A2:2000
TitleSafety of household and similar electrical appliances. General requirements
Publication Date15 April 1995
Withdrawn Date18 February 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)HD 214 S2:1980, HD 22, EN 60999-1:1993, EN 60320, EN 60998-2-2:1993, IEC 60999-1:1990, EN 60252:1994, EN 60598-1:1997, EN ISO 2178:1995, ISO 1463:1982, HD 441 S1:1983, EN 60598-1:1997/AMD 12:198, IEC 60227, IEC 60085:1984, EN 60309, EN 60695-2-2:1994, EN 61558-1:1997, IEC 60051-2:1984, IEC 60906-1:1986, IEC 60695-2-1/0:1994, IEC 60998-2-2:1991, IEC 60695-2-3:1984, IEC 60695-2-1/1:1994, IEC 60252:1993, IEC 60249-2-5:1987, IEC 61558-2-6:1997, EN 60051-2:1989, IEC 60112:1979, IEC 60083:1997, IEC 60068-2-75:1997, IEC 60065:1998, IEC 60695-2-2:1991, EN 60529:1991, ISO 7000:1989, IEC 60598-1:1996, IEC 61058-1:1996, IEC 60249-2-4:1987, IEC 61558-1:1997, IEC 60384-14:1993, IEC 60417-1:1998, EN 60249-2-4:1994, EN 61558-2-6:1997, IEC 60245, IEC 60127, EN 60695-2-1/0:1996, IEC 60529:1989, EN 60695-2-1/1:1996, EN 60598-1:1997/AMD 13:1999, HD 444.2.3 S1:1987, EN 60249-2-5:1994, IEC 60730, EN 60068-2-75:1997, EN 60061-1:1993, ISO 2178:1982, HD 21, EN 60730, CLC/TR 50417, EN 60127, EN ISO 1463:1994, IEC 60320, EN 60417-1:1999, IEC 60309, IEC 60061-1:1969, IEC 60707:1981, EN 60065:1998, H
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
Replaced ByBS EN 60335-1:2002+A15:2011
ReplacesBS 3456-201:1990, EN 60335-1:1988, BS 3456-101:1987, BS 3456-1:1969
Amended ByAMD 10168
AMD 10353
AMD 13654
AMD 13840
AMD 9475
AMD 8913
Corrigendum, December 2009; Amendment, April 2002
DescriptorsElectrical household appliances, High-voltage tests, Watertightness tests, Electric terminals, Electrical insulation, Leakage currents, Endurance testing, Circuits, Electric plugs, Corrosion tests, Temperature rise, Domestic safety, Electrical safety, Electrical testing, Dielectric-strength tests, Penetration tests, Tracking tests, Earthing, Environmental testing, Mechanical testing, Grades (quality), Instructions for use, Leakage paths, Test equipment, Overload protection, Classification systems, Dimensions, Electrically-operated devices, Marking, Testing conditions, Flexible conductors, Damp-air tests, Clearance distances, Household equipment, Motor-operated household appliances, Ageing tests, Fire tests, Protected electrical equipment, Rated voltage, Stability, Type testing, Thermal testing
Title in FrenchSécurité des appareils électrodomestiques et analogues. Règles générales
Title in GermanSicherheit elektrischer Geräte für den Hausgebrauch und ähnliche Zwecke. Allgemeine Anforderungen
ISBN978 0 580 68850 8
File Size2.287 MB
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