BS EN 12405-2:2012 - Gas meters. Conversion devices. Energy conversion

BS EN 12405-2:2012

Gas meters. Conversion devices. Energy conversion

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : August 2012



This European Standard specifies the requirements and tests for the construction, performance, safety and conformity of conversion devices used to determine the energy of fuel gases described in the Table 1, including those of the 1st and 2nd families according to EN 437. The energy conversion device (ECD) considered in this standard consists of an energy calculator (EC) and is associated with the following devices and/or functions: - a volume conversion device (VCD) or a flow computer used as gas meter conversion, either conforming to EN 12405-1, or to prEN 12405-3, for high accuracy measurements; - a calorific value determination device (CVDD). Requirements for type approval tests of the devices, not included in the above-mentioned standards are described in appropriate annexes specified in Table 6. For the purpose of this European Standard, the term "volume conversion devices" (VCDs) includes flow computers (FCs). A single calculator may undertake the volume conversion functions for different metering lines.

Standard NumberBS EN 12405-2:2012
TitleGas meters. Conversion devices. Energy conversion
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date31 August 2012
Confirm Date30 April 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 60068-2-2, ISO 13443:1996/Corrigendum:1997, EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-2-2, EN 60068-3-1, EN 61000-4-6, EN 12405-1:2005/AMD 2:2010, EN 61000-4-5, EN 60654-2, EN ISO 12213-3, EN 60068-2-30, EN ISO 13443:2005, EN 61000-4-11, ISO 13443:1996, EN 437, ISO 6142, ISO 6143, ISO 6976, EN 60730-1:2011, ISO 6141, EN 12405-1:2005, EN 60068-2-64, EN 60950-1, EN ISO 6974-1, EN 60068-2-1, IEC 61000-2-1, EN 60079, EN 60068-2-47, EN 61000-4-4, EN 60529, EN 61000-4-1, EN 61000-4-3, ISO 6974-1, EN 60068-3-4, prEN 12405-3, EN 55011, EN 61000-4-8, EN 60068-2-31, ISO 12213-3, ISO 12213-2, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-4-2, EN 60068-3-8, EN 60068-2-78, EN ISO 12213-2, EN 61000-4-29
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 1359:2017, EN 12480:2018, EN 12261, EN ISO 12213-1, ISO 12213-1, ENV 13005, VIM:1993, EN 1776, OIML R140, OIML D11, OIML D31
International RelationshipsEN 12405-2:2012
Draft Superseded By09/30207853 DC
DescriptorsElectronic equipment and components, Gas-supply meters, Safety, Electrical safety, Electronically-operated devices, Performance testing, Volume flowmeters, Conversion, Performance, Testing, Volume
Title in FrenchCompteurs à gaz. Dispositifs de conversion. Conversion en énergie
Title in GermanGaszähler. Umwerter. Energieumwertung
ISBN978 0 580 68719 8
File Size592 KB

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