BS EN 60115-2:2015 - Fixed resistors for use in electronic equipment. Sectional specification: Leaded fixed low power film resistors

BS EN 60115-2:2015

Fixed resistors for use in electronic equipment. Sectional specification: Leaded fixed low power film resistors

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : February 2015



IEC 60115-2:2014 is applicable to leaded fixed low-power film resistors for use in electronic equipment. These resistors are typically described according to types (different geometric shapes) and styles (different dimensions) and product technology. The resistive element of these resistors is typically protected by a conformal lacquer coating. These resistors have wire terminations and are primarily intended to be mounted on a circuit board in through-hole technique. The object of this standard is to prescribe preferred ratings and characteristics and to select from IEC 60115-1, the appropriate quality assessment procedures, tests and measuring methods and to give general performance requirements for this type of resistor. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:

- it includes test conditions and requirements for lead-free soldering and assessment procedures meeting the requirements of a "zero defect" approach;

- it introduces a product classification based on application requirements;

- it includes an extension of the list of styles and dimensions;

- it includes the use of an extended scope of stability class definitions;

- it includes the extension of the lists of preferred values of ratings;

- it includes test conditions and requirements for lead-free soldering, for periodic overload and for resistance to electrostatic discharge (ESD);

- it includes a new set of severities for a shear test;

- it includes definitions for a test board;

- it includes the replacement of assessment level E and possible others by the sole assessment level EZ, meeting the requirements of a "zero defect" approach;

- it includes an extended endurance test, a flammability test, a temperature rise test, vibration tests, an extended rapid change of temperature test, and a single pulse high-voltage overload test;

- it includes requirements applicable to 0-ohm resistors (jumpers);

- it includes recommendations for the denomination, description, packaging and quality assessment of radial formed styles;

- it includes prescriptions for endurance testing at room temperature, supplementary to the rulings of IEC 60115-1.

Standard NumberBS EN 60115-2:2015
TitleFixed resistors for use in electronic equipment. Sectional specification: Leaded fixed low power film resistors
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date28 February 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60068-2-2:1974, EN 60068-1:2014, EN 60062:2005/Corrigendum 1:2007, IEC 61760-1:2006, IEC 60294:2012, EN 60062:2005, IEC 60068-1:2013, IEC 60068-2-6:2007, IEC 60286-1, EN 60068-2-6:2008, IEC 60068-2-20:2008, IEC 60068-2-1, EN 61760-1:2006, IEC 60301, IEC 60062:2004, EN 61193-2:2007, EN 60294:2012, EN 60068-2-2, EN 60286-1, EN 60115-1:2011, IEC 60115-1:2008, EN 60301, EN 60068-2-20:2008, IEC 61193-2:2007, EN 60068-2-1
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ReplacesBS 9940-01.0:1983, IEC 60115-2:1982,QC 400100:1982, BS EN 140100:2008
International RelationshipsEN 60115-2:2015,IEC 60115-2:2014,IEC 61439-7:2018
Draft Superseded By09/30207307 DC18/30328508 DC
DescriptorsNon-wirewound resistors, Electrical components, Detail specification, Inspection, Assessed quality, Fixed resistors, Resistors, Specification (approval), Electronic equipment and components, Approval testing
Title in FrenchRésistances fixes utilisées dans les équipements électroniques. Spécification intermédiaire: Résistances fixes à broches à couches, à faible dissipation
Title in GermanFestwiderstände zur Verwendung in Geräten der Elektronik. Rahmenspezifikation. Verbleite niedrig belastbare Schichtwiderstände
ISBN978 0 580 68594 1
File Size1.227 MB

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