BS EN 61217:2012 - Radiotherapy equipment. Coordinates, movements and scales

BS EN 61217:2012

Radiotherapy equipment. Coordinates, movements and scales

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : July 2012



IEC 61217:2011 applies to equipment and data related to the process of teleradiotherapy, including patient image data used in relation with radiotherapy treatment planning systems, radiotherapy simulators, isocentric gamma beam therapy equipment, isocentric medical electron accelerators, and non-isocentric equipment when relevant. The object of this standard is to define a consistent set of coordinate systems for use throughout the process of teleradiotherapy, to define the marking of scales (where provided), to define the movements of equipment used in this process, and to facilitate computer control when used. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition, published in 1996, amendment 1, published in 2000 and amendment 2, published in 2007. This edition constitutes a technical revision to include imager and focus coordinate systems in Subclause 3.12. Beyond this Subclause, changes were only introduced where needed to include the above coordinate systems.

Standard NumberBS EN 61217:2012
TitleRadiotherapy equipment. Coordinates, movements and scales
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date31 July 2012
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60601-1:2005, IEC 60601-2-11:1997, EN 60601-2-1, EN 60601-2-29:2008/AMD 11:2011, IEC 60601-2-29:2008, IEC/TR 60788:200, EN 60601-1-3:2008/Corrigendum:2010, EN 62083 2009, EN 60601-1:2006, EN 60601-1-3:2008, EN 60601-1:2006/AMD 11:2011, IEC 62083:2009, IEC 60601-1:2005/Corrigendum:2007, EN 60601-2-11:1997, IEC 60788:2004, IEC 60601-1-3:2008, IEC 60601-1:2005/Corrigendum:2006, IEC 60601-2-1:2009, EN 60601-2-29:2008, EN 60601-1:2006/Corrigendum:2010
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60977:2008, ICRU Report no. 42, IEC 60976:2007, IEC 61168:1993, IEC 61170:1993
ReplacesBS EN 61217:1996+A2:2008, IEC 61217:1996
International RelationshipsEN 61217:2012,IEC 61217:2011
Draft Superseded By10/30206860 DC
DescriptorsControl systems, Graduations, Transforms, Rotational motion, Mathematical calculations, Position control, Radiotherapy, Simulation, Electrical medical equipment, Medical equipment, Therapeutics, Manual control systems, Medical radiology, Particle accelerators, Coordination, Radiology apparatus (medical), Position, Gamma-ray apparatus, Medical radiography, Electron tubes, X-ray apparatus, Automatic control systems, Instrument scales
Title in FrenchAppareils utilisés en radiothérapie. Coordonnées, mouvements et échelles
Title in GermanStrahlentherapie-Einrichtungen. Koordinaten, Bewegungen und Skalen
ISBN978 0 580 68518 7
File Size2.757 MB

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