BS EN 1782:1998+A1:2009 - Tracheal tubes and connectors

BS EN 1782:1998+A1:2009

Tracheal tubes and connectors

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : August 1998 Replaced By : BS EN ISO 5361:2012

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Standard NumberBS EN 1782:1998+A1:2009
TitleTracheal tubes and connectors
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date15 August 1998
Withdrawn Date30 April 2014
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 556:1994, EN 868-1, EN 980, EN 1281-1, EN 20594-1, ISO 594-1:1986, EN 30993-1, ISO 10993-1:1992, ISO 10993-1:1992/Technical Corrigendum 1:1992
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 1041, EN ISO 4135:1996, ISO 4135:1995, ISO/TR 11991, EN 60601-1-6, IEC 60601-1-6:2006, EN 62366, IEC 62366:2007, 93/42/EEC
Replaced ByBS EN ISO 5361:2012
ReplacesBS 3487-3:1986, ISO 5361/3-1984, BS 3487-5:1986, ISO 5361/5-1984, BS 3487-1:1989, ISO 5361-1:1988, BS 3487-2:1993, ISO 5361-2:1993, BS 6546:1994, ISO 7228:1993
International RelationshipsEN 1782:1998
Amended ByAMD 10173
AMD 10173 is a Corrigendum. Amendment, December 2009. Amends and replaces BS EN 1782:1998.
Draft Superseded By09/30186950 DC95/560036 DC
DescriptorsEndotracheal tubes, Anaesthetic equipment, Tubing (medical), Medical breathing apparatus, Medical equipment, Natural rubber, Synthetic rubber, Plastics, Elastomers, Diameter measurement, Cuffs, Size, Dimensions, Marking, Angles (geometry), Pipe fittings, Pipe connections, Hose connectors, Pressure testing, Performance testing, Packaging
Title in FrenchTubes trachéaux et raccords
Title in GermanTrachealtuben und Verbindungsstücke
ISBN978 0 580 68433 3
File Size729.9 KB

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