BS EN 13976-2:2011 - Rescue systems. Transportation of incubators. System requirements

BS EN 13976-2:2011

Rescue systems. Transportation of incubators. System requirements

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : June 2011 Replaced By : BS EN 13976-2:2018
Conformity to regulation : Designated

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This European Standard specifies the requirements for a transport incubator system needed for care and treatment of infants, used in emergency or planned transport. It specifies the particular requirements needed to ensure the proper function of equipment during transportation (e.g. monitors, respirators, infusion pumps, extra corporeal lung support- (ECLS-) systems, gas supply) and to provide safe transportation for infants and operators. This European Standard also stipulates that the equipment or systems shall not interfere with the functions of the ambulance providing transportation. This European Standard does not give requirements for the vehicles, crafts, devices or incubators as such, these requirements are found in other standards. However, transport incubators are normally combined with other equipment to form a transport incubator system.

Standard NumberBS EN 13976-2:2011
TitleRescue systems. Transportation of incubators. System requirements
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date30 June 2011
Conformity to regulationDesignated
Withdrawn Date29 January 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 13976-1:2011, IEC 60601-2-20:2009, EN 60601-1-2, EN 60601-2-20, RTCA DO 160, EN 60601-1, EN 1789, IEC 60601-1:2005, EN 1865, IEC 60601-1-2:2007, EN 13718-2, EN 13718-1, RTCA DO 199
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 9919:2005, ISO 21647:2004/Technical Corrigendum 1:2005, IEC 60601-2-30, EN 60601-2-24, EN ISO 5356-1:2004, EN ISO 10555-1, EN 1707, EN ISO 7376, EN 864, EN ISO 10555-5, ISO 21647:2004, ISO 7376:2009, ISO 5356-2:2006, EN ISO 21647:2004, EN 794-3, EN 60529, EN ISO 7864, EN ISO 9919:2005, ISO 8537:2007, ISO 8185:2007, EN 455-3, EN 1618, EN ISO 8185, ISO 8836:2007, EN ISO 10555-3, EN 455-2, ISO 5356-1:2004, EN ISO 10079-1, EN 1615, EN ISO 7886-2, IEC 60529:1989, EN ISO 8836:2009, EN ISO 6009, ISO 10555-1:1995, EN 12342, ISO 6009:1992, 93/42/EEC, EN ISO 5356-2:2007, EN ISO 8537, ISO 10555-5:1996, ISO 10555-1:1995/Amd 1:1999, ISO 10555-1:1995/Amd 2:2004, ISO 10555-3:1996, ISO 7886-2:1996, ISO 10079-2:1999, ISO 7886-1:1993, ISO 7864:1993, ISO 10079-1:1999, EN 1060-2, EN 1782, EN 1617, EN 1060-1, ISO 7886-1:1993/Technical Corrigendum 1:1995, EN ISO 10079-2, IEC 60601-2-24, EN 455-1, EN 60601-2-30, EN 794-1, EN ISO 7886-1
Replaced ByBS EN 13976-2:2018
ReplacesBS EN 13976-2:2003
International RelationshipsEN 13976-2:2011
Draft Superseded By09/30205927 DC
DescriptorsEquipment safety, Road vehicles, Incubators (infant), Interfaces, Patient transport equipment, Medical equipment, Rescue equipment, Ambulance services, Incubators, Emergency equipment, Baby equipment
Title in FrenchSystèmes de sauvetage. Transport d'incubateurs. Exigences relatives au système
Title in GermanRettungssysteme. Inkubatortransport. Anforderungen an Transportsysteme
ISBN978 0 580 68337 4
File Size926 KB

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