PD ISO/TR 12773-1:2009

PD ISO/TR 12773-1:2009

Business requirements for health summary records. Requirements

Status : Current   Published : July 2009



PD ISO/TR 12773-1:2009 Business requirements for health summary records. Requirements

PD ISO/TR 12773-1 is a technical report based on a comprehensive review of a series of initiatives and implementations worldwide that are collectively called health summary records (HSRs). Project sponsors and/or authorities were contacted as needed to gather additional information and clarify questions or issues arising out of the review.

Part 1 of PD ISO/TR 12773 defines and describes HSRs in general as well as specific instances, and their most common use cases. It summarises the business requirements driving HSR development and the content that is common across HSRs, as well as issues associated with them. Finally, it recommends some future ISO/TC 215 activities to support international standardization of HSRs.

It is important to note that this part of ISO/TR 12773 focuses primarily on requirements that are specific (unique) to HSRs. It does not attempt to articulate, other than at a high level, requirements that are generally applicable to all health records or all electronic health records.

Consumer, clinician, industry and government demands for improved safety, quality, effectiveness and efficiency in healthcare are driving the need for more “connected” care, which in turn requires improved communication of clinical information between multiple providers and subjects of care. Internationally, various “summary” or “snapshot” health records have been developed to meet these communication needs. Many similarities are evident in these initiatives, but their conceptual foundations have not always been articulated with a set of business requirements as their starting point.

The purpose of PD ISO/TR 12773-1 is to identify the common business requirements these initiatives are seeking to address as well as the requirements for standards for health summary records (HSRs) that can guide future HSR development efforts.

Any future ISO initiative to create standards for a generic HSR specification or specifications for one or more types of HSR will leverage existing initiatives and adopt/adapt relevant standards utilized therein. Such HSR specifications are unlikely to require new standards, given that much of their content is deemed “common”, “core”, “essential” or “emergency” in nature and is therefore part of most EHR initiatives world-wide as evidenced in PD ISO/TR 12773-2.

Contents of PD ISO/TR 12773-1 include

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • Terms and definitions
  • Examples of health summary records
  • Nature and definition of health summary records
  • Health record extracts
  • Standardized health record extracts
  • Integrated care EHRs (ICEHRs)
  • Dynamic creation of a health summary record — List clinical summary/profile
  • Defining health summary records
  • Purposes of health summary records
  • Common use cases for health summary records
  • Overview

Use cases:

  • Creating a health summary record
  • Querying, viewing, replacing (superseding) the HSR
  • Provider-to-provider referrals
  • Acute care discharge to home or other ambulatory care environment
  • Acute care discharge to a sub-acute care nursing facility (SNF)
  •  Initiate HSR transfer
  • Secondary use cases
  • Business requirements for health summary records
  • Data and information management requirements for health summary records
  • General requirements
  • Clinical content priorities for health summary records
  • Health summary record data development
  • Standardization of health summary records
  • Recommendations
  • Acronym Index
  • Bibliography

Also available:

PD ISO/TR 12773-2:2009 Business requirements for health summary records. Environmental scan

Standard NumberPD ISO/TR 12773-1:2009
TitleBusiness requirements for health summary records. Requirements
Publication Date31 July 2009
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO/IEC Guide 2, ISO 12967-3, ISO 12967-1, ISO 15489-1, EN 13940-1, ISO/TR 20514, ISO 18308, ISO 21549-1, ISO 13606-1, ISO/HL7 10781, ISO/TS 27527, ISO/TR 22221, ISO 21549-3, ISO 7498-2, ISO 12967-2, ISO/IEC 6523-1
International RelationshipsISO/TR 12773-1:2009
DescriptorsRecords (documents), Medical sciences, Data, Data organization, Data transfer, Information, Patients, Health services, Data processing, Data representation, Data transmission, Information exchange
Title in FrenchExigences d'affaire pour les enregistrements de santé sommaires. Exigences
Title in GermanGeschäftliche Anforderungen an zusammenfassende. Gesundheitsaufzeichnungen. Anforderungen
ISBN978 0 580 68270 4
File Size561 KB

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