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BS EN 590:2009+A1:2010

Automotive fuels. Diesel. Requirements and test methods

Status : Revised, Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : June 2009 Replaced By : BS EN 590:2013+A1:2017

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BS EN 590:2009 Automotive fuels. Diesel. Requirements and test methods

BS EN 590:2009 specifies requirements and test methods for marketed and delivered automotive diesel fuel. It is applicable to automotive diesel fuel for use in diesel engine vehicles designed to run on automotive diesel fuel.

BS EN 590 provodes guidance for:

  • Sampling 
  • Pump marking 
  • Requirements and test methods
    - Dyes and markers
    - Additives 
    - Fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) 
    - Generally applicable requirements and related test methods 
    - Climate dependent requirements and related test methods
    - Precision and dispute.

BS EN 590:2009 supersedes BS EN 590:2004, which is withdrawn.

Significant technical changes between this standards and the previous edition are:

  • Provision is made for a maximum of 7 % (V/V) of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) to be included in automotive diesel fuel
  • Inclusion of the revised EN 14214 FAME specification
  • Clarification of the fact that cold flow requirements of FAME when used as an extender for diesel according to this specification do not apply
  • Addition of the Ignition Quality Tester as an alternate test method to the CFR engine test
  • Deletion of the 350 mg/kg sulfur content
  • Inclusion of the revised total contamination test method EN 12662
  • Inclusion of the revised EN 12916, which is now able to distinguish between polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and FAME
  • Inclusion of an additional requirement and method to determine the oxidation stability
  • Addition of a workmanship clause and a note referring to good house keeping 
  • A general update of the revised test methods, some of them already having been included in the Technical Corrigendum to the previous version.

Standard NumberBS EN 590:2009+A1:2010
TitleAutomotive fuels. Diesel. Requirements and test methods
StatusRevised, Superseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date30 June 2009
Withdrawn Date30 November 2013
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN ISO 12205:1996, EN ISO 2719:2002, EN ISO 6245:2002, EN ISO 13759:1996, ISO 20846:2004, ISO 6245:2001, ISO 12156-1:2006, EN ISO 3104:1996, ISO 12937:2000, ISO 4259:2006, EN ISO 3170:2004, ISO 2719:2002, EN 23015:1994, ISO 3171:1988, ISO 3015:1992, ISO 5165:1998, EN 14078:2009, ISO 13759:1996, EN 116:1997, EN 15751:2009, EN 14214:2008, ISO 3104:1994, ISO 10370:1993, EN 12916:2006, ISO 12185:1996, ISO 3405:2000, ISO 12205:1995, EN 15195:2007, ISO 2160:1998, ISO 3675:1998, EN 12662:2008, EN ISO 20884:2004, EN ISO 3171:1999, EN ISO 10370:1995, EN ISO 20846:2004, EN ISO 5165:1998, ISO 3170:2004, ISO 20884:2004, EN ISO 4264:2007, EN ISO 12156-1:2006, EN ISO 3405:2000, EN ISO 3675:1998, EN ISO 2160:1998, EN ISO 12937:2000, EN ISO 4259:2006, ISO 4264:2007, EN ISO 12185:1996
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 14331:2004, CEN/TR 15367-1, 2003/17/EC, 2009/30/EC, EN ISO 10370, CEN/TR 15367-3, 93/12/EEC, 98/70/EC, CEN/TR 15160
Replaced ByBS EN 590:2013+A1:2017
ReplacesBS EN 590:2004
International RelationshipsEN 590:2009+A1:2010
Amended ByAmendment, April 2010
DescriptorsFuels, Physical properties of materials, Diesel fuels, Automotive fuels, Test methods, Sulfur, Marking, Chemical properties, Diesel engines, Grades (quality), Liquid fuels, Motor vehicles, Fuel pumps, Climate
Title in FrenchCarburants pour automobiles. Carburants pour moteur diesel (gazole). Exigences et méthodes d'essai
Title in GermanKraftstoffe für Kraftfahrzeuge. Dieselkraftstoff. Anforderungen und Prüfverfahren
ISBN978 0 580 68237 7
File Size901 KB

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Customer Relations, +44 345 086 9001
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