BS EN 60130-9:2011 - Connectors for frequencies below 3 MHz. Circular connectors for radio and associated sound equipment

BS EN 60130-9:2011

Connectors for frequencies below 3 MHz. Circular connectors for radio and associated sound equipment

Status : Current   Published : May 2011



IEC 60139-9:2011 relates to circular connectors for radio and associated sound equipment. This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition of IEC 60130-9, published in 2000, and constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:

- the scope has been amended to clarify its separation through its field of application, from IEC 61076-2-106;

- 8-pole connector styles 60130-9 IEC-22 through 60130-9 IEC-25 with screw locking have been deleted as obsolete and overlapping with some styles of IEC 61076-2-106;

- application and connections in Table 1 have been deleted because of referencing obsolete sound equipment. Titles of the dimension sheets and the clause headlines of Annex A have been amended accordingly;

- the reference to safety requirements according to IEC 60065 has been deleted.

Standard NumberBS EN 60130-9:2011
TitleConnectors for frequencies below 3 MHz. Circular connectors for radio and associated sound equipment
Publication Date31 May 2011
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60512-2-1, IEC 60512-17-2, IEC 60512-11-3, IEC 60512-9-1, EN 61076-2-106, IEC 60512-17-4, EN 60512-17-1, EN 60512-13-2, IEC 60512, EN 60512-17-3, IEC 60512-7-1, EN 60512-1-2, IEC 61076-2-106, EN 60512-17-4, EN 60512-9-1, EN 60512-17-2, EN ISO 1302, IEC 60512-4-1, EN 60512-11-10, EN 60512-4-1, IEC 60068-1:1988, ISO 1302, EN 60512-1-1, IEC 60512-7-2, EN 60512-2-1, IEC 60512-1-2, EN 60512-7-2, IEC 60068-1:1988/AMD 1:1992, IEC 60512-17-1, IEC 60512-11-9, IEC 60512-17-3, EN 60512-11-1, IEC 60512-1-1, EN 60512-11-3, IEC 60512-11-1, IEC 60512-13-2, EN 60512-16-5, EN 60512-7-1, IEC 60512-3-1, EN 60512-11-9, EN 60068-1:1994, EN 60512-11-12, IEC 60512-11-12, IEC 60512-16-5, IEC 60512-11-10, EN 60512, EN 60512-3-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60065
ReplacesBS EN 60130-9:2001, IEC 60130-9:2000
International RelationshipsEN 60130-9:2011,IEC 60130-9:2011
Draft Superseded By09/30200385 DC
DescriptorsRadiocommunication, Dimensions, Electric contacts, Circular shape, Radiofrequencies, Electric connectors, Audio equipment, Radio equipment
Title in FrenchConnecteurs utilisés aux fréquences jusqu'à 3 MHz. Connecteurs circulaires pour appareils de radiodiffusion et équipements électroacoustiques associés
Title in GermanSteckverbinder für Frequenzen unter 3 MHz. Rundsteckverbinder für Rundfunkund verwandte elektroakustische Geräte
ISBN978 0 580 67136 4
File Size1.861 MB

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