PAS 5308-1:2009 Control and instrumentation cables. Specification for polyethylene insulated cables

PAS 5308-1:2009

Control and instrumentation cables. Specification for polyethylene insulated cables

Status : Current   Published : July 2009



What is this PAS about?

It sets out requirements for polyethylene insulated control and instrumentation cables which are not covered in the related European standard, BS EN 50288-7.

Who is this PAS for?

  • Manufacturers and designers of polyethylene insulated cables
  • Purchasers and specifiers of polyethylene insulated cables
  • Testers and users of polyethylene insulated cables
  • Health and safety, fire and regulatory organizations

Why should you use this PAS?

It incorporates additional aspects not found in BS EN 50288-7. In particular, this PAS covers circumstances where higher voltages are encountered and specifies cables that are suitable for more demanding applications, for example, in petrochemical plants

It also gives detailed constructional tables, showing actual dimensions for the full range of cable types as previously specified in BS 5308-1:1986 and as such maintains the availability of such data, which is required by stakeholders as a tool for design, manufacture, testing and selection.

The fire performance of cables is not covered. However, attention is drawn to the fact that safety systems or national and local regulations might specify requirements for either resistance to fire performance (e.g. circuit integrity under fire) and/or reaction to fire performance (e.g. low emission of smoke and corrosive and acidic gases and propagation of fire).

PAS 5308-1 specifies requirements for and dimensions of polyethylene (PE) insulated control and instrumentation cables in multipair construction, with or without screens, and optionally incorporating a lead sheath and single wire armour.


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Standard NumberPAS 5308-1:2009
TitleControl and instrumentation cables. Specification for polyethylene insulated cables
Publication Date31 July 2009
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 5099, BS 5467:1997, BS EN 10257-1, BS EN 50290-2-22:2002, BS EN 50290-2-23:2002, BS EN 50290-2-24:2002, BS EN 50290-2-29, BS EN 50307, BS EN 50334, BS EN 60228:2005, BS EN 62230, PD 2379, IEC 60050-461
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 5308-1:1986, BS 6360:1991, BS 7671, BS 8512, BS EN 50288-7:2005, BS EN 60079-14
DescriptorsElectric cables, Instruments, Insulated cables, Polyethylene, Electric conductors, Electrical insulation, Dimensions, Thickness, Multipair cables, Sheathed conductors, Armoured cables, Marking, Colour codes, Electrical testing, Electrical resistance, Capacitance, Temperature, Environment (working), Chemical plants
ISBN978 0 580 67111 1
File Size1.716 MB

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