BS EN 14918:2009 - Solid biofuels. Determination of calorific value

BS EN 14918:2009

Solid biofuels. Determination of calorific value

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : March 2010 Replaced By : BS EN ISO 18125:2017

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This European Standard specifies a method for the determination of the gross calorific value of a solid biofuel at constant volume and at the reference temperature 25 °C in a bomb calorimeter calibrated by combustion of certified benzoic acid. The result obtained is the gross calorific value of the analysis sample at constant volume with all the water of the combustion products as liquid water. In practice, biofuels are burned at constant (atmospheric) pressure and the water is either not condensed (removed as vapour with the flue gases) or condensed. Under both conditions, the operative heat of combustion to be used is the net calorific value of the fuel at constant pressure. The net calorific value at constant volume may also be used; formulae are given for calculating both values. General principles and procedures for the calibrations and the biofuel experiments are presented in the main text, whereas those pertaining to the use of a particular type of calorimetric instrument are described in Annexes A to C. Annex D contains checklists for performing calibration and fuel experiments using specified types of calorimeters. Annex E gives examples to illustrate some of the calculations.

Standard NumberBS EN 14918:2009
TitleSolid biofuels. Determination of calorific value
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date31 March 2010
Withdrawn Date09 August 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 1770, ISO 1771, ISO 652, prEN 15296, EN ISO 10304-1, prEN 14780, EN 14774-3, prEN 14778-1, ISO 10304-1:2007, ISO 651
Informative References(Provided for Information)prEN 14961, prEN 15289, prEN 15234-1, EN 14774-1, EN 14774-2, CEN/TS 15289:2006, ISO 1928:1995
Replaced ByBS EN ISO 18125:2017
ReplacesDD CEN/TS 14918:2005
International RelationshipsEN 14918:2009
Draft Superseded By09/30198714 DC
DescriptorsFuels, Mathematical calculations, Calorimeter bombs, Biomass, Thermal measurement, Heat measurement, Biofuels, Calibration, Solid fuels, Thermal output, Calorific value
Title in FrenchBiocombustibles solides. Détermination du pouvoir calorifique
Title in GermanFeste Biobrennstoffe. Bestimmung des Heizwertes
ISBN978 0 580 66787 9
File Size1.051 MB

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