BS EN 50411-3-2:2011 - Fibre organisers and closures to be used in optical fibre communication systems. Product specifications. Singlemode mechanical fibre splice

BS EN 50411-3-2:2011

Fibre organisers and closures to be used in optical fibre communication systems. Product specifications. Singlemode mechanical fibre splice

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : April 2011



1.1 Product definition This European Standard contains the initial, start of life dimensional, optical, mechanical and environmental performance requirements, which a singlemode mechanical splice shall meet in order for it to be categorised as an EN standard product. Since different variants and grades of performance are permitted, product marking and identification details are given in 3.5. Although in this document the product is qualified for EN 60793-2-50 types B1.1 and B1.3 singlemode fibres, it may also be suitable for other fibre types. 1.2 Interoperability The installed mechanical splice fits into a fibre management system with optical fibre splice cassettes or splice trays. This European Standard specifies the following two physical interface dimensions: a) cross sectional profile with width, height or diameter (in millimetres); b) length (in millimetres). 1.3 Expected performance In this document, the performance of a mechanical splice is given with identical fibres only. Losses associated with fibre cladding diameter and mode field mismatch are not taken into account. The measured attenuation is a function of the core concentricity, cladding non-circularity and alignment capability. The optical return loss performance is a function of the index matching gel and the fibre end face preparation. 1.4 Operating environment The tests selected combined with the severities and durations are representative of an outdoor enclosed environment defined as category U in EN 61753-1. To ensure that the product can be used in closures, boxes or street cabinet for categories A, G and S (as defined EN 61753-1) the specified lower temperature is extended to - 40 °C and requirements for temporary flooding have been added. 1.5 Reliability Whilst the anticipated service life expectancy of the product in this environment is 20 years, compliance with this specification does not guarantee the reliability of the product. This should be predicted using a recognised reliability assessment programme. 1.6 Quality assurance Compliance with this specification does not guarantee the manufacturing consistency of the product. This standard does not cover quality insurance.

Standard NumberBS EN 50411-3-2:2011
TitleFibre organisers and closures to be used in optical fibre communication systems. Product specifications. Singlemode mechanical fibre splice
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date30 April 2011
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Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN IEC 60794-2-50:2020, EN IEC 60794-2-50:2020, IEC 60794-2-50:2020, IEC 60794-2-50, EN 61300-1, IEC 61300-1
International RelationshipsEN 50411-3-2:2011,IEC 62932-1:2020
Draft Superseded By09/30197413 DC16/30332632 DC
DescriptorsOptical communication systems, Fibre optic connectors, Performance, Closures, Fibre optic cables, Mechanical properties of materials, Environmental testing, Optical properties of materials, Dimensions, Optical fibres, Splicing, Fibre optics, Specification (approval), Communication cables
Title in FrenchOrganiseurs et boîtiers de fibres destinés à être utilisés dans les systèmes de communication par fibres optiques. Spécifications de produit. Epissures mécaniques de fibres unimodales
Title in GermanLWL-Spleißkassetten und -Muffen für die Anwendung in LWL Kommunikationssystemen. Produktnorm. Mechanische Spleiße für Einmodenfasern
ISBN978 0 580 66526 4
File Size913 KB

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