BS EN 60335-2-29:2004+A2:2010 - Household and similar electrical appliances. Safety. Particular requirements for battery chargers – BSI British Standards

BS EN 60335-2-29:2004+A2:2010

Household and similar electrical appliances. Safety. Particular requirements for battery chargers

Status : Current, Superseded, Work in hand   Published : December 2004 Replaced By : BS EN 60335-2-29:2004+A11:2018



BS EN 60335-2-29:2004+A2:2010 Household and similar electrical appliances. Safety. Particular requirements for battery chargers

BS EN 60335-2-29 deals with the safety of electric battery chargers for household and similar use having an output at safety extra-low voltage, their rated voltage being not more than 250 V.

Battery chargers not intended for normal household use, but which nevertheless may be a source of danger to the public, such as battery chargers intended for use in garages, shops, light industry and on farms, are within the scope of BS EN 60335-2-29.

As far as is practicle, BS EN 60335-2-29 deals with the common hazards presented by appliances that are encountered by all persons in and around the home. However, in general, it does not take into account

– the use of appliances by young children or infirm persons without supervision;
– playing with the appliance by young children.

Contents of BS EN 60335-2-29:

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Definitions
4 General requiremen
5 General conditions for the tests
6 Classification
7 Marking and instructions
8 Protection against access to live parts
9 Starting of motor-operated appliances
10 Power input and current
11 Heating
12 Void
13 Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature
14 Transient overvoltages
15 Moisture resistance
16 Leakage current and electric strength
17 Overload protection of transformers and associated circuits
18 Endurance
19 Abnormal operation
20 Stability and mechanical hazards
21 Mechanical strength
22 Construction
23 Internal wiring
24 Components
25 Supply connection and external flexible cords
26 Terminals for external conductors
27 Provision for earthing
28 Screws and connections
29 Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation
30 Resistance to heat and fire
31 Resistance to rusting
32 Radiation, toxicity and similar hazards


Standard NumberBS EN 60335-2-29:2004+A2:2010
TitleHousehold and similar electrical appliances. Safety. Particular requirements for battery chargers
StatusCurrent, Superseded, Work in hand
Publication Date06 December 2004
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60068-2-6, EN 60068-2-6:1995, EN 61558-2-7:1997, IEC 61558-2-7:1997
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN ISO 13732-1, ISO 13732-1, IEC 61851, IEC 60598-2-22, EN 60598-2-22, IEC 60491
Replaced ByBS EN 60335-2-29:2004+A11:2018
International RelationshipsIEC 60335-2-29:2002/AMD2:2009,EN 60335-2-29 Amd 2 (02/10) (I
Amended ByAMD 15663
Amendment, May 2010; Amendment, August 2005
Draft Superseded By08/30195114 DC
DescriptorsElectrical testing, Colour codes, Domestic safety, Mechanical testing, Storage batteries, Electrical household appliances, Electrical insulation, Testing conditions, Rated current, Household equipment, Marking, Instructions for use, Rated voltage, Battery chargers, Circuits, Performance testing, Electrical safety, Impact testing, Electrically-operated devices, Protected electrical equipment
Title in FrenchAppareils électrodomestiques et analogues. Sécurité. Règles particulières pour les chargeurs de batterie
Title in GermanSicherheit elektrischer Geräte für den Hausgebrauch und ähnliche Zwecke. Besondere Anforderungen für Batterieladegeräte
ISBN978 0 580 65770 2
File Size883 KB
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