Queries and interpretations on BS 5839-1

PD 6531:2010

Queries and interpretations on BS 5839-1

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : October 2010 Replaced By : PD 6531:2018

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PD 6531:2010
Queries and interpretations on BS 5839-1

This Published Document (PD) gives queries concerning the interpretation of BS 5839‑1:2002+A2, together with the relevant answers.

Since the publication of BS 5839-1, a number of queries on interpretation have been submitted to BSI. In some cases, the queries
have shown that although the standard is correct, misunderstandings have arisen over both its interpretation and the philosophies behind
its recommendations.

This document, therefore, gives not merely the queries and answers, but seeks to give the intentions of the standard in the hope that these
might help future users of the standard.

This PD gives supplementary information on the recommendations and application of BS 5839-1:2002+A2; it does not
in any way supersede the recommendations in BS 5839-1. Any user claiming compliance with BS 5839-1 is expected to be able to justify
any course of action that deviates from its recommendations.

Unless stated otherwise, all clause and subclause references in this PD are to BS 5839-1:2002+A2. This is a full revision of the Published Document and all queries and answers have been revised in line with BS 5839-1:2002+A2.

This PD supersedes PD 6531:1997, which is withdrawn.

Content of PD 6531:
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Queries and interpretations on BS 5839‑1:2002+A2
3.1 The use of isolators between zones
3.2 Optical beam detectors in congested roof spaces
3.3 Detectors in lift shafts
3.4 Diagrammatic representation of the building/zone plan
3.5 Use of a 500 volt insulation resistance meter every five years
3.6 Time delays used with conventional control and indicating equipment (CIE)
3.7 Manual call points (MCPs) and exits to open air/place of safety
3.8 Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs): the relationship between BS 5839-1 and BS 5839-6
3.9 Inner room detection
3.10 Cables between fire alarm control panels and repeater/mimic panels
3.11 The need for detectors within sterile lobbies and similar areas of low fire hazard in Category L2 and L3 systems
3.12 Use of intruder alarm system (IAS) subscriber’s terminal unit (STU)
3.13 Cable fixings
3.14 Sound pressure levels
3.15 Dual redundancy requirement for Category P systems
3.16 Under‑pillow alarms
3.17 Addressable detector loops serving more than one building: provision of short circuit isolators
3.18 Termination of critical signal path cables conforming to BS 7629-1 (sometimes, colloquially, described as “soft skin cables”)
3.19 Cable protection in partitions
3.20 Category L2 automatic fire detection and alarm systems in hotels


Standard NumberPD 6531:2010
TitleQueries and interpretations on BS 5839-1
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date31 October 2010
Confirm Date01 July 2015
Withdrawn Date24 April 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 5839-1:2002/AMD 2:2008, BS 5839-1:2002, BS 7671:2008
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN 54-2, BS EN 54-4, BS 5839-6:2004, BS 8434-2, BS 5839-4, BS 7629-1
Replaced ByPD 6531:2018
ReplacesPD 6531:1997
DescriptorsInstallation, Means of escape from fire in buildings, Maintenance, Fire safety in buildings, Alarm systems, Commissioning, Smoke detectors, Buildings, Fire safety, Design, Fire alarms, Planning, Fire detectors
ISBN978 0 580 65705 4
File Size1.983 MB

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Customer Relations
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