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BIP 0108:2008

Metrics for IT Service Management

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Metrics for IT Service Management

Fills a large gap in the service management arena regarding measurements of failure (and success). Compliant with ITIL and covering other frameworks besides it provides full coverage of this topic. It explains how to use metrics as a tool to anticipate and correct problems rather than simply a measurement of failure that has already arrived.

This book considers the design and implementation of metrics in service organizations using industry standard frameworks. It uses the ITIL process structure and many principles from the ITIL and ISO20000 (BS15000) as a basis. It is a general guide to the use of metrics as a mechanism to control and steer IT service organizations.

A major reason for covering this topic is that many organizations have found it difficult to use metrics properly. This book addresses the difficulties of implementing metrics and offers workable solutions.

The book is a general guide to the design, implementation and use of metrics as a mechanism to control and steer IT service organizations. It also provides specific recommendations for applying metrics across the ITIL, ISO20000 (BS15000) and other processes, discussing the rationale of the recommendations. This enables an organization to implement the metrics described directly as a first-pass solution that can be benchmarked against other organizations. They can also be used as a starting point for customizing particular metrics.

Badly-designed metrics can stop an organization functioning properly. Producing a set of metrics that avoids the pitfalls and delivers genuine value is not easy. This book will make that task much simpler and help reduce the risk of error.

This pocket guide would be of use to Target Group Contract Managers, IT Managers, IT Service Managers, IT Project Managers, Quality Managers and consultants.

Contents of Metrics for IT Service Management include:

  • Foreword by Sharon Taylor, Chair, IPESC
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • What are metrics all about?
  • Why Metrics?
  • Where to use metrics
  • Who should use metrics
  • How to use metrics
  • Metric Design
  • Practical Metric Production
  • Specific Metrics for IT Service Management
  • Integrating Metrics
  • Implementing Metrics
  • Continuous improvement with metrics
  • Metrics for Incident Management
  • Service Desk metrics
  • Metrics for Configuration Management
  • Metrics for Change Management
  • Metrics for Release Management
  • Metrics for Operations Management/ICT Infrastructure Management
  • Metrics for Service Level Management
  • Metrics for Problem Management
  • Metrics for Financial Management for IT services
  • Metrics for Capacity Management
  • Metrics for IT Service Continuity Management
  • Metrics for Availability Management
  • Metrics for Security Management
  • Business Perspective metrics

Customer review:

“If you need to develop metrics for an IT environment, buy this book or hire a consultant who has read it.”
G. Kieliszek, Healthcare CIO (Amazon)

Standard NumberBIP 0108:2008
TitleMetrics for IT Service Management
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ISBN978 90 77212 69 1
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