BS EN 62246-1:2011 - Reed switches. Generic specification

BS EN 62246-1:2011

Reed switches. Generic specification

Status : Revised, Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : May 2011 Replaced By : BS EN 62246-1:2015

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IEC 62246-1:2011 applies to all types of reed switches including magnetically biased reed switches of assessed quality for use in general and industrial applications. It lists the tests and measurement procedures which may be selected for use in detail specifications for such reed switches. It also specifies the quality assessment procedures to be followed. This new edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous one:

- inclusion of the generic specifications for all types of reed switches, but mercury wetted reed switches have been removed from the scope due to their potential for environmental impact;

- inclusion of three fundamental conformity assessment procedures for quality assessment.

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