DD ISO/TS 15869:2009

DD ISO/TS 15869:2009

Gaseous hydrogen and hydrogen blends. Land vehicle fuel tanks

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : March 2009



DD ISO/TS 15869:2009 Gaseous hydrogen and hydrogen blends. Land vehicle fuel tanks

Fuel tanks for on-board storage of compressed gaseous hydrogen and hydrogen blends as fuels for land vehicle service are required to maintain or improve the level of safety currently existing for land vehicle applications.

Technical Specification (TS) 15869 specifies the requirements for lightweight refillable fuel tanks intended for the onboard storage of high-pressure compressed gaseous hydrogen or hydrogen blends on land vehicles. It is not intended as a specification for fuel tanks used for solid, liquid hydrogen or hybrid cryogenic high-pressure hydrogen storage applications.

TS 15869 is applicable for fuel tanks of steel, stainless steel, aluminium or non-metallic construction material, using any design or method of manufacture suitable for its specified service conditions. It applies to the following types of fuel tank:

  • Type 1: metal fuel tanks
  • Type 2: hoop-wrapped composite fuel tanks with a metal liner
  • Type 3: fully wrapped composite fuel tanks with a metal liner
  • Type 4: fully wrapped composite fuel tanks with no metal liner.

DD ISO/TS 15869:2009 specifies the requirements for:

  • Service conditions
  • Information to be recorded 
  • Materials 
  • Design requirements 
  • Construction and workmanship
  • Type (qualification) tests
  • Production and batch tests
  • Markings
  • Preparation for dispatch.

Please note: This publication is not to be regarded as a British Standard. It is being issued in the Draft for Development series of publications and is of a provisional nature. It should be applied on this provisional basis, so that information and experience of its practical application can be obtained.

Comments arising from the use of this Draft for Development are requested so that UK experience can be reported to the international organization responsible for its conversion to an international standard.

Visit the UK committee site to leave your comments

Standard NumberDD ISO/TS 15869:2009
TitleGaseous hydrogen and hydrogen blends. Land vehicle fuel tanks
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date31 March 2009
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 7225, ASTM D 3170, ISO 527-2, ASTM D 2794, ISO 6506-1, ASTM B 117, ISO 11439, ISO 9809-2:2000, ASTM D 1308, ASTM D 3418, ASTM D 2344, ISO/TS 14687-2, EN 13322-2:2003/AMD 1:2006, ASTM D 522, ASTM G 154, ISO 2808, EN 1964-3:2000, EN 12862:2000, ISO 306, ISO 9809-1:1999, ISO 11114-4:2017, ISO 4624, ISO 7866:1999
Informative References(Provided for Information)ANSI/IAS PRD 1-1998, ISO 11114-1, ANSI/IAS PRD 1a-1999, ANSI/AIAA G-095-2004, ISO/TR 15916
DescriptorsRoad vehicles, Production, Compressed gases, Gas-powered devices, Vehicle fuel tanks, Hydrogen, Environment (working), Type testing, Safety devices, Design, Safety measures, Inspection, Tanks (containers)
Title in FrenchHydrogène gazeux et mélanges d'hydrogène gazeux. Réservoirs de carburant pour véhicules terrestres
ISBN978 0 580 65165 6
File Size811 KB

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