BS ISO 26429-9:2009 - Digital cinema (D-cinema) packaging. Asset mapping and file segmentation – BSI British Standards

BS ISO 26429-9:2009

Digital cinema (D-cinema) packaging. Asset mapping and file segmentation

Status : Current, Confirmed   Published : June 2010



BS ISO 26429-9:2009 Digital cinema (D-cinema) packaging. Asset mapping and file segmentation

BS ISO 26429-9 specifies a generic method for mapping a D-Cinema Package (DCP) onto one or more file storage volumes. Data structures are specified which provide for the mapping of D-Cinema asset identifier values onto paths within a particular file storage scheme (e.g., filesystem paths). Where required, assets may be split across multiple storage volumes to allow efficient use of media and the mapping of assets larger than a given storage volume’s capacity. The Asset Map and Volume Index structures and the associated provisions detailed herein are intended to provide a framework for simplified mapping of a DCP onto a wide variety of file storage systems.

Contents of BS ISO 27875:

1 Scope
2 Conformance Notation
3 Normative References
4 Overview
4.1 Ingesting a DCP Volume (Informative)
4.2 XML File Structure
5 AssetMap Structure
5.1 Id
5.2 AnnotationText [optional]
5.3 Creator
5.4 VolumeCount
5.5 IssueDate
5.6 Issuer
5.7 AssetList
6 Asset Structure
6.1 Id
6.2 AnnotationText [optional]
6.3 PackingList [optional]
6.4 ChunkList
7 Chunk Structure
7.1 Path
7.2 VolumeIndex [optional]
7.3 Offsest [optional]
7.4 Length [optional
8 VolumeIndex Structure
9 Media-Specific Constraints
9.1 Volume Definition
9.2 URL Scheme
9.3 URL Path
9.4 XML Encoding
9.5 Asset Map Location
9.6 VolumeIndex Location
9.7 Chunk Size
10 Asset Map Sample (Informative)
11 Volume Index Sample (Informative)
12 XML Schema
Annex A Basic Map Profile (Normative)
A.1 URL Scheme
A.2 URL Path
A.3 XML Encoding
A.4 Asset Map Location
A.5 VolumeIndex Location
A.6 Chunk Size
Annex B XML Diagram Legend (Informative
B.1 Element Symbols
B.1.1 Examples
B.2 Model Symbols ("Compositors")
B.3 Types
B.4 Model Groups and References
Annex C Bibliography (Informative


Standard NumberBS ISO 26429-9:2009
TitleDigital cinema (D-cinema) packaging. Asset mapping and file segmentation
StatusCurrent, Confirmed
Publication Date30 June 2010
Confirm Date05 August 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IETF RFC 2396:1996, IETF RFC 1738:1996, IETF RFC 4122:2005
Informative References(Provided for Information)SMPTE 429-8-2007, SMPTE 429-7-2006, ISO 26429-7:2008, ISO 26429-8:2009
International RelationshipsISO 26429-9:2009
Draft Superseded By08/30190980 DC
DescriptorsSound recording, Data media, Image processing (computer), Data representation, Sound tracks, Coding (data conversion), Video recording, Cinematography, Digital recording methods, Information exchange, Data processing, Data organization, Multimedia
Title in FrenchEmballage du cinéma numérique (cinéma D). Cartographie d'avoir et segmentation de fichier
Title in GermanDigitales Kino (D-Kino). Zusammenstellung des Pakets. Zuordnungliste der Filmdaten zu Dateien
ISBN978 0 580 64821 2
File Size0.9854 MB

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