BS 5930:1999+A2:2010 Code of practice for site investigations

BS 5930:1999+A2:2010

Code of practice for site investigations

Status : Revised, Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : October 1999 Replaced By : BS 5930:2015+A1:2020

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What is BS 5930: 1999+A2:2010?

Stipulating the code of good practice for site investigations, BS 5930:1999+2:2010 helps to assess the suitability of sites for construction operations and civil engineering works. The standard also gives best practice recommendations to gather the right information on features of a site that might affect the design and construction of these works, as well as the safety of neighbouring land and property. BS 5930:1999+A2 assumes that the user has taken into account the wider environmental and economic considerations before choosing a specific site.

How does it work?

Section 1 focuses on preliminary considerations, such as underground mining, quarries and industrial sites. Section 2 covers different types of ground investigations and safety measures for new works. Section 3 looks at field investigations and defines excavations and boreholes, as well as soil drilling. Section 4 specifies various methods for field tests, while section 5 deals with laboratory testing on samples. BS 5930: 1999+A2 concludes with section 6 – a detailed description of soils and rocks – and reports and engineering interpretations in section 7.

Who should buy it?

  • Civil engineers
  • Construction managers
  • Construction engineers
  • Architects
  • Environmental engineers
  • Property developers
  • Site inspectors
  • Regulatory bodies

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Standard NumberBS 5930:1999+A2:2010
TitleCode of practice for site investigations
StatusRevised, Superseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date15 October 1999
Withdrawn Date31 July 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 1377-9:1990, BS 1377-8:1990, BS 1377-7:1990, BS EN ISO 22475-1:2006, BS 6316:1992, BS 1377-2:1990, BS EN ISO 22476-3:2005, BS 5493:1977, BS 6068-0:1995, BS 4019-4:1993, BS 1377-4:1990, BS 4019-3:1993, BS EN ISO 14688-2:2004, BS 1377-5:1990, BS EN ISO 14688-1:2002, BS EN 1997-2:2007, BS 1377-3:1990, ISO 3310-1, BS 1377-1:1990, BS EN ISO 14689-1:2003, BS 22475-3:2010, BS 8004-1, BS 882, BS 6068-2, BS 7361-1, CP 2012-1, BS 1881-6, BS 6031, BS 812-2, BS EN 933-3, BS 410-1, BS 1924-1, BS 22475-2:2010, BS 812-103
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 7022:1989, ISO 22476-12:2009, BS EN ISO 22476-12:2009, BS 8008:1996
Replaced ByBS 5930:2015+A1:2020
ReplacesBS 5930:1981
Amended ByAmendment, August 2010
DescriptorsSampling equipment, Surveys, Classification systems, Geology, Geological analysis, Personnel, Rocks, Soil drilling, Aerial photography, Excavations, Density measurement, Reports, Site investigations, Defects, Field testing, Geophysical measurement, Soils, Physical testing, Safety measures, Soil-testing equipment, Samples, Log sheets, Planning, Soil sampling, Soil testing, Selection, Mechanical testing, Design, Occupational safety, Industrial, Sampling methods, Extraction (minerals), Land pollution, Ground water, Hydrology, Test specimens, Soil surveys, Construction operations, Symbols, Land, Quality assurance, Laboratory testing, Ecology, Quarries, Mining
Title in FrenchCode de bonne pratique pour les inspections de terrain
Title in GermanRichtlinie fuer Baugrunduntersuchungen
ISBN978 0 580 64609 6
File Size8.456 MB
NotesSee also BS EN 1997-1:2004 and BS EN 1997-2:2007.

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