PD CLC/TR 50485:2010

PD CLC/TR 50485:2010

Electromagnetic compatibility. Emission measurements in fully anechoic chambers

Status : Current   Published : June 2010



PD CLC/TR 50485:2010 Electromagnetic compatibility. Emission measurements in fully anechoic chambers

PD CLC/TR 50485 is a Technical Report which applies to emission measurements of radiated electromagnetic fields in Fully Anechoic Rooms (FAR) in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 18 GHz. PD CLC/TR 50485 covers the frequency range from 30 MHz – 1 000 MHz. The frequency range above 1 GHz is under consideration, due to the absence of practical experience.

PD CLC/TR 50485 describes the validation procedure for the Fully Anechoic Room for radiated emission tests and the procedures to carry out the tests (e.g. test set up, EUT position, cable layout and termination, test procedures). Recommendations for the relation between FAR emission limits and common Open Area Test Site (OATS) emission limits given in standards such as EN 55011 and EN 55022 are given in Annex B.

This FAR emission method may be chosen by product committees as an alternative method to emission measurement on an Open Area Test Site (OATS) as described in CISPR 16 series. In such cases, the product committee should also define the appropriate limits. Typical measurement uncertainty values for FARs and OATS are given in Annex C.

Contents of PD CLC/TR 50485:

1 Scope
2 References
3 Definitions and abbreviations
4 Test and measurement equipment
5 Anechoic room performance
6 Emission measurement
6.1 Test set up
6.2 EUT position
6.3 Cable layout and termination
7 Test procedure
8 Test plan
9 Test report
Annex A (informative) Determining the Site Reference
Annex B (informative) Limit values
Annex C (informative) Comparison of measurement uncertainties for 3 m OATS and 3 m FAR
Annex D (informative) Derivation of free space NSA formula
Annex E (informative) Corrections of field strength for test distance
Annex F (informative) NSA measurements with biconical antennas
Annex G (informative) Measurement of Balun imbalance
Annex H (informative) FAR project

Standard NumberPD CLC/TR 50485:2010
TitleElectromagnetic compatibility. Emission measurements in fully anechoic chambers
Publication Date30 June 2010
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 50147-1, EN 55011, CISPR 11, EN 55022:1998, CISPR 22:1997, CISPR 16-1:1999, CISPR 16-2, CISPR 16-3:2000, CISPR 16-4, IEC 60050-161
Informative References(Provided for Information)ANSI C 63.4, ANSI C 63.5, CLC/TR 50484, EN ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17025
ReplacesPD CR R210-010:2002
International RelationshipsCLC/TR 50485:2010
DescriptorsElectromagnetic compatibility, Emission, Measurement, Free-field rooms, Frequencies, Electromagnetic radiation, Electromagnetic fields, Electrical measurement, Laboratory testing, Radio disturbances, Verification
Title in FrenchCompatibilité électromagnétique. Emission en chambres anéchoïques entiers
Title in GermanElektromagnetische Verträglichkeit. Störaussendung in Absorberräumen
ISBN978 0 580 64296 8
File Size1.587 MB

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