BS 8525-2:2011 Greywater systems. Domestic greywater treatment equipment. Requirements and test methods

BS 8525-2:2011

Greywater systems. Domestic greywater treatment equipment. Requirements and test methods

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : August 2011



What is this standard about?

This second part of BS 8525 specifies requirements and gives test methods for packaged and/or site-assembled domestic greywater treatment equipment. It applies to treatment equipment where all prefabricated components are factory or site-assembled by one manufacturer and tested as a single unit.

Who is this standard for?

  • Manufacturers and designers of greywater treatment systems
  • Testers of greywater treatment systems

Why should you use this standard?

On-site collection and use of greywater is an alternative to public mains or a private potable water supply. Greywater has a variety of non-potable water uses in the home, workplace and garden. As greywater systems become more popular, there is a need for standardization to protect the public and to ensure that reliable systems are designed, installed and maintained.

This part of BS 8525 does not require specific water treatment processes to be used. However, it applies to equipment that treats bathroom greywater so that it is of a quality suitable for prescribed domestic uses in residential, commercial, industrial or public premises. It is not applicable to treatment equipment which processes waste from WCs and kitchens.

The test methods described in Annex B and Annex D have been devised for the type testing of domestic greywater treatment equipment with a nominal treatment capacity of up to 10 m² per day. They are intended to be carried out on greywater treatment equipment under controlled conditions using public mains water and synthetic greywater. These test methods are not intended for commissioning or validation of the on-site performance of the domestic greywater treatment equipment.

Standard NumberBS 8525-2:2011
TitleGreywater systems. Domestic greywater treatment equipment. Requirements and test methods
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date31 August 2011
Confirm Date01 October 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 1427, BS 6068-2.34, BS 8525-1:2010, BS EN 1899-1, BS 6068-2.63, BS EN ISO 7027, BS 6068-2.13, BS EN ISO 7393-2, BS 6068-2.26, BS EN ISO 7899-1, BS 6068-4.3, BS EN ISO 7899-2, BS 6068-4.4, BS EN ISO 9308-1, BS 6068-4.14, BS EN ISO 9308-3, BS 6068-4.10, BS EN ISO 10304-1, BS EN ISO 13395
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN 1085, BS EN ISO 9000
Draft Superseded By10/30184124 DC
DescriptorsWater supply, Water supply (buildings), Water supply and waste systems (building, Water, Re-usable, Quality, Water treatment, Water purification, Water storage, Water pumps, Control equipment, Flow rates, Microorganisms, Chemical composition, Marking, Instructions for use, Leak tests, Performance testing, Water testing
ISBN978 0 580 63476 5
File Size795.6 KB

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