BS EN 1679-1:1998+A1:2011 - Reciprocating internal combustion engines. Safety. Compression ignition engines – BSI British Standards

BS EN 1679-1:1998+A1:2011

Reciprocating internal combustion engines. Safety. Compression ignition engines

Status : Current, Under review   Published : June 1998
Conformity to regulation : Designated



BS EN 1679-1:1998+A1:2011 Reciprocating internal combustion engines. Safety. Compression ignition engines

BS EN 1679-1 specifies the safety requirements for compression ignition engines and their essential auxiliaries used in all applications on land, underground and water, except engines used to propel road vehicles and aircraft.

The special requirements needed to cover operation in potentially explosive atmospheres are not covered.

The engine in terms of this standard is understood as the prime mover up to its driving extremitie(s) for power take off(s).

The hazards relevant to compression ignition engines are identified in annex A.

Contents of BS EN 1679-1:

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Definitions
4 General
5 List of hazards
6 Safety requirements and/or measures
6.1 General
6.2 Starting systems
6.3 Normal stopping
6.4 Emergency stopping
6.4.1 !General"
6.4.2 Manually controlled
6.4.3 Automatically controlled
6.5 Controls
6.5.1 General
6.5.2 Identification
6.5.3 Accessibility
6.6 Monitoring devices
6.6.1 Instrument identification
6.6.2 Instrument visibility
6.6.3 Instrument colour code
6.7 Warning devices
6.8 Guarding
6.8.1 !General"
6.8.2 Guarding against mechanical hazards
6.8.3 Guarding against hot surfaces
6.9 Guard design
6.10 Lighting
6.11 Handling
6.12 Fire protection
6.13 Protection against explosion
6.14 Pressure vessels
6.15 Hoses, pipes and electric harnesses
6.16 Electrical equipment
6.17 Operator platforms, walkways and access systems
6.18 Access to service points
6.19 Noise
6.20 Exhaust emissions
6.20.1 General
6.20.2 Requirements for engines for underground use
6.21 Drainage
7 Operating and maintenance instructions
8 Special requirements
9 Marking

Standard NumberBS EN 1679-1:1998+A1:2011
TitleReciprocating internal combustion engines. Safety. Compression ignition engines
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date15 June 1998
Conformity to regulationDesignated
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 60332-2-1:2004, ISO 2867:2006, EN 60034-5:2006, ISO 8178-2:2008, ISO 8178-5:2008, ISO 8178-1:2006, EN ISO 12100-2:2003, ISO 3411:2007, ISO 7967-1:2005, ISO 8999:2001, ISO 13732-1:2006, ISO 7967-4:2005, IEC 60073:2002, ISO 7967-8:2005, IEC 60332-2- 1:2004, EN 1175-3:1998, EN 983:1996, EN 286-1:1998, EN 547-2:1996, ISO 8178-7:1996, EN 953:1997, ISO 7967-9:1996, ISO 7967-2:1987, IEC 60331-21:1999, ISO 13850:2006, ISO 2710-2:1999, EN 1175-2:1998, ISO 6798:1995, ISO 8178-8:1996, EN 1834-2:2000, EN 1834-3:2000, EN 1834-1:2000, ISO 2261:1994, ISO 11102-2:1997, ISO 6826:1997, ISO 11102-1:1997, ISO 7967-3:1987, EN 1175-1:1998, IEC 60034-5:2000, EN ISO 13850:2008, EN ISO 13732-1:2008, EN ISO 3411:2007, EN 61310-2:2008, ISO 12100-1:2003, EN ISO 14314:2004, IEC 61310-2:2007, IEC 61310-1:2007, IEC 60332-2-2:2004, ISO 12100-2:2003, ISO 3046-1:2002, ISO 13857:2008, EN ISO 13857:2008, ISO 2710-1:2000, EN ISO 12100-1:2003, EN ISO 11102-2:2009, EN 60073:2002, EN ISO 11102-1:2009, ISO 8178-6:2000, ISO 8178-4:2007, IEC 60331-11:2009, EN 60332-2-2:2004, EN 61310-1:2008
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 3046-6:1990, ISO 3046-7:1995, ISO 3046-4:1997, ISO 9611:1996, 2006/42/EC, ISO 3046-5:2001, ISO 3046-3:2006
International RelationshipsEN 1679-1:1998+A1:2011
Amended ByAmendment, April 2011
Draft Superseded By10/30182320 DC
DescriptorsMachine guards, Fire safety, Dangerous materials, Electrical safety, Clearances, Colour codes, Internal combustion engines, Ergonomics, Vibration hazards, Accident prevention, Prime movers, Warning devices, Noise (environmental), Design, Compression-ignition engines, Auxiliary, Access, Cut-out devices, Reciprocating engines, Diesel engines, Stopping, Marking, Control devices, Identification methods, Occupational safety, Starters, Instructions for use, Safety measures, Engine components, Equipment safety
Title in FrenchMoteurs alternatifs à combustion interne. Sécurité. Moteurs à allumage par compression
Title in GermanHubkolben-Verbrennungsmotoren. Sicherheit. Dieselmotoren
ISBN978 0 580 63155 9
File Size639 KB

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