BS 5918:2015 Solar heating systems for domestic hot water. Code of practice for design and installation

BS 5918:2015

Solar heating systems for domestic hot water. Code of practice for design and installation

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : January 2015



What is this standard about?

In the wake of increased uptake for such systems to provide domestic hot water and the provision of UK Government subsidies, this standard explains how to design and install solar heating systems.

Who is this standard for?

  • Solar heating designers
  • Installers, suppliers and specifiers 

Why should you use this standard?

This revision updates the original 1989 standard, following recent technological developments and assessing existing best practice. It includes details of current test methods and terminology, plus important new safety guidance.

What’s changed since the last update?

The scope of the standard has been extended. The revised version includes a much wider range of buildings than just the single, family dwellings covered before. It also deals with the wider range of material types now on the market.

Along with specifications for high performance solar collectors, insulation and safety components, the new standard includes:

  • Financial and environmental information
  • Installation techniques to mitigate faulty systems
  • Methods for expansion vessel sizing
  • A new UK solar irradiation map
  • A reflectance radiation factor table
  • A method to assess bacterial risks

Standard NumberBS 5918:2015
TitleSolar heating systems for domestic hot water. Code of practice for design and installation
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date31 January 2015
Confirm Date15 May 2020
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ReplacesBS 5918:1989
Draft Superseded By12/30177610 DC13/30274184 DC
DescriptorsHeaters, High-temperature testing, Hot-water supply systems, Control systems, Water supply (buildings), Flow rates, Wind loading, Loading, Watertightness tests, Snow loading, Inspection, Design, Pressure testing, Imposed loading, Design calculations, Installation, Climatic loading, Thermal-shock tests, Household equipment, Legislation, Performance testing, Solar heating, Domestic, Leak tests, Thermal testing, Solar power, Temperature control, Water heaters, Maintenance, Dead loading, Commissioning, Solar-powered devices, Type testing, Roof spaces, Weather resistance, Testing conditions, Performance, Grades (quality), Solar collectors
ISBN978 0 580 61963 2
File Size1.323 MB

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