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BS EN 62508:2010

Guidance on human aspects of dependability

Status : Current   Published : November 2010



BS EN 62508:2010 Guidance on human aspects of dependability

BS EN 62508 is an International Standard which provides guidelines on human aspects of dependability of systems. It fills the need for a standard to address the dependability of human/machine systems.

It gives guidance on how the human aspects of dependability can be considered at all the system life cycle stages, including ergonomic principles during design and human reliability understanding for system applications.

BS EN 62508 provides an overview of the principles with some examples of the types of methods that can be used.

It is intended that a supporting standard, which describes more detailed methods that include quantification of human reliability will follow the issue of this standard in due course.

BS EN 62508 contains recommendations, and does not include any requirements. Attention is drawn to the possibility of the existence of regulatory requirements for systems covered by the scope of this standard.

Contents of BS EN 62508:

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms, definitions and abbreviations
3.1 Terms and definitions
3.2 Abbreviations
4 Human aspects
5 Human-oriented design in the system lifecycle
6 Human-oriented design at each life cycle stage
7 Human-centred design methods
Annex A (informative) Examples of HRA methods
Annex B (informative) Summary of human-oriented design activities and their impact on system dependability
Annex C (informative) Best practices for human-centred design


Standard NumberBS EN 62508:2010
TitleGuidance on human aspects of dependability
Publication Date30 November 2010
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60300-1:2003, IEC 60300-2, EN 60300-1:2003, EN 60300-2, EN 60300-3-15, IEC 60300-3-15
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 9241-210, ISO/IEC DIS TR 25060, ISO 11064-4, ISO 9241-306:2008, MIL-HDBK-46855A:1999, ISO 9241-20:2008, ISO 9241-309:2008, ISO 11064-3, ISO/IEC 24765, ISO 9241-400:2007, ISO/PAS 18152:2003, ISO 6385:2004, MIL-HDBK-1908B:1999, ISO 11064-2, ISO 9241-304:2008, ISO 9241-1:1997, ISO 9241-16:1999, ISO 9241-151:2008, ISO 11064-1, ISO 9241, ISO 9241-305:2008, ISO 9241-920:2009, IEC 60812:2006, HF-STD-001:2002, ISO 9241-6:1999, ISO 11064-5, ISO 11064-6, NASA:1995, ISO 9241-307:2008, ISO 9241-171:2008, ISO 9241-110:2006, ISO 9241-303:2008, ISO 9241-15:1997, ISO 9241-3:1992, ISO 9241-14:1997, ISO 9241-4:1998, ISO 9241-9:2000, ISO 9241-2:1992, ISO 9241-13:1998, ISO 9241-11:1998, ISO 9241-8:1997, ISO 9241-17:1998, ISO 9241-5:1998, ISO 9241-302:2008, ISO 9000:2005, ISO/TR 18529:2000, ISO 9241-300:2008, FAA:2004, MIL-HDBK-1472F:1998, ISO 9241-410:2008, ISO 11064-7, ISO 9241-308:2008, ISO 9241-7:1998, ISO 9241-12:1998
International RelationshipsEN 62508:2010,IEC 62508:2010
Draft Superseded By09/30176512 DC
DescriptorsPeople, Availability, Process control, Reliability, Maintenance, Durability, Control equipment, Working conditions (physical), Maintainability, Display devices (computers), Design, Performance, Personnel, Failure rate, Risk assessment, Life cycle, Ergonomics
Title in FrenchLignes directrices relatives aux facteurs humains dans la sûreté de fonctionnement
Title in GermanLeitlinien zu den menschlichen Aspekten der Zuverlässigkeit
ISBN978 0 580 61716 4
File Size1.289 MB

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