PP 8888-1:2007 (Pack of 5)

PP 8888-1:2007 (Pack of 5)

A guide for schools and colleges to BS8888:2006, Technical Product Specification

Status : Current   Published : September 2007



Revised by Neil Phelps and Colin Simmons

As seen in the Times Education Supplement!

New guidance for teachers of design and technology

PP 8888-1:2007, the drawing practice guide to the technical product specification standard for engineering students, has just been revised.

Who is the Guide PP 8888-1 for?
Produced for teachers of Design and Technology at Key Stage 3 onwards and in Scotland is suitable for Graphic Communication and Product Design at Intermediate 2, Higher and Advanced Higher. It will also be a valuable resource for students studying Applied Engineering or Manufacturing at GCSE, GNVQ or Advanced VCE level. It is an essential reference guide when converting their design concepts into instructions for manufacturers.

• Written by BSI British Standards’ technical experts
• Up-to-date and extensive coverage of Technical Product Specifications (TPS)
• Clear page layouts so student and teacher can access the relevant standard
• Easy-to-read text and diagrams to aid learning
• Covers all main areas of current syllabi, with supporting examples from BS 8888:2006
• Information is broken down into easily-absorbed, bite-sized chunks
• Teacher’s notes throughout the chapters highlight the important points
• Chapter commentaries reinforce key topics
• All examples are taken from BS 8888:2006
• Illustrations to assist the reader in recognizing the subject matter
• List of applicable standards at the end of each chapter.

How PP 8888-1 can help students and teachers with TPS courses:
PP 8888-1 has been written to enable teachers and students to familiarize themselves with the British Standard for Technical Product Specifications (TPS), BS 8888:2006. The aim of this Guide is to introduce students to the benefits of universally accepted ISO technical drawing practices utilizing the general principles and indications of dimensions and tolerances. It also introduces them to the benefits of using technical product documentation and specifications as specified in BS 8888:2006 when applied to current Design and Technology learning outcomes.

PP 8888 Part 1 also emphasizes the links that exist between the process of quality management of products designed and manufactured in schools and colleges, and the process of good industrial practice where the design process is considered inseparable from verification (quality management). By raising students’ awareness of these links, they will be better prepared to participate in the rapidly changing technologies of today’s world.

The layout of this Guide to PP 8888 has been designed so that both student and teacher can access the relevant standard with relative ease. Sections have been included on all the main areas contained in current syllabi, such as orthographic layouts, dimensioning, sectioning, assembled views, exploded views and parts lists. All examples are taken from BS 8888:2006.

By ensuring that the presentation of their design concepts conforms to the current technical specification standards, students will become aware of the importance of effective communication between designers, manufacturers and those engaged in the final verification of manufactured output. By using the methods used in the ‘real’ world of industry and commerce they will, hopefully, find a greater relevance in the design work that they undertake.

It is important to recognize that although the contents of PP 8888-1 have been gathered from the most recent versions of the referenced standards available at the time of its publication, it is essential that students of design keep themselves up to date by ensuring that they are always referring to the most recent version of any standard referenced. Attention is drawn to one of the fundamental tenets of the TPS system, that the TPS at its acceptance date is definitive.

The main implication of this is that the acceptance date implicitly restricts the interpretation of the specification to those standards in force at the date of acceptance.

Attention is also drawn to the fact that whereas the implementation drawings have been taken directly from the standard, the accompanying text has been simplified in places to aid understanding. It therefore provides accurate information for students but should not replace the definitive standard.

In line with ISO convention, all figures are shown in first angle projection unless annotated with the third angle projection symbol.

What’s in PP 8888-1?
• Specifying technical products
• What is meant by ‘technical product specification’?
• Design brief; function; specifications
• Orthographic layouts
• Dimensioning and sectioning
• Assembled views, exploded views and parts lists
• An introduction to communicating product design
• Layout of drawing; line work; lettering; numerals; style
• Projection and presentation methods
• Representing standard components
• Dimensioning of technical drawings
• All standards referenced in BS 8888:2006 are listed
• Glossary
• Index

For a full list of contents, preface and sample chapter, download the sample page PDFs.

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Preface (file size 14 kb)

Chapter 1 (file size 39 kb)

PP 8888-1 provides an insight into the requirements of BS 8888 so that both students and teachers can understand the rudiments of technical drawing. It should help show why it is necessary to convey the Engineer’s intent in a consistent pictorial manner so that both the maker and verifier of the component can understand it.

Also available as a single book

Phil Childs (BSI Technical Committee responsible for TPS)

BS 8888 CD cover




Also available - BS 8888:2008. Technical product specification (TPS). CD-ROM 


bip 2155New book

The Essential Guide to Technical Product Specification: Engineering Drawing

Standard NumberPP 8888-1:2007 (Pack of 5)
TitleA guide for schools and colleges to BS8888:2006, Technical Product Specification
Titles in this kitWhite Binder 4D 25mm 000000000030171465 No Description (Temp) 000000000030171466 PP8888-1:2007 Inserts (Spine & Cove

Publication Date06 September 2007
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
DescriptorsProduct specification, Technical drawing, Engineering drawings, Drawings, Technical documents, Documents, Diagrams, Graphic representation, Graphic symbols, Data representation, Data security, Data storage, Symbols, Abbreviations, Dimensions, Dimensional tolerances, Schools
ISBN978 0 580 50868 4
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