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BS EN 50088:1996

Safety of electric toys

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : May 1996 Replaced By : BS EN 62115:2005+A12:2015

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Safety of electric toys

Executive summary

Requirements for the safety of electric toys.


This European Standard deals with the safety of electric toys. It also applies to electric constructional sets, electric functional toys and to experimental sets.

The aim of this standard is to reduce risks when playing with toys, especially those risks which are not evident to users.

This standard covers the whole range of electric toys from small button cell operated lights to large sit-on cars powered by lead-acid cells. It applies to new toys but also takes into account the wear and tear of toys in use.

Toys using electricity for functions other than the principal function are within the scope of this standard.

If the packaging in which the toy is sold is also intended to be played with, it is considered to be part of the toy.

History and related standards

This European Standard supersedes HD 271 S1:1982 and its amendments.

It includes the following cross references:

EN 71-1:1998, EN 71-3:1994, EN 60068-2-75:1997, EN 60086-2:2001,

EN 60320-1:2001, EN 60335-1:1994, EN 60417, EN 60529:1991,

EN 60695-2-2:1994, EN 60695-2-11:2001, EN 60707:1999, EN 60730,

EN 60825-1:1994, EN 61058-1:1992, EN 61558-2-7:1997, IEC 60384-14:1993,

IEC 60083:1997.

ISBN 0 580 25797 5


Standard NumberBS EN 50088:1996
TitleSafety of electric toys
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date15 May 1996
Confirm Date01 January 2005
Withdrawn Date06 May 2011
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60335-1:1991, EN 60529:1991, IEC 60730, IEC 61058-1:1990, IEC 61558-2-7:1997, IEC 60384-14:1993, IEC 60417, IEC 60695-2-11:2000, EN 60335-1:1994, EN 60417, EN 60707:1999, IEC 60068-2-75:1997, EN 60730, IEC 60529:1989, IEC 60086-2:2000, EN 60320-1:2001, IEC 60320-1:2001, EN 60086-2:2001, IEC 60695-2-2:1991, EN 60695-2-11:2001, EN 71-3:1994, EN 60695-2-2:1994, EN 60068-2-75:1997, EN 61058-1:1992, EN 71, IEC 60707:1999, EN 71-1:1998, IEC 60083:1997, EN 61558-2-7:1997
Informative References(Provided for Information)88/378/EEC
Replaced ByBS EN 62115:2005+A12:2015
International RelationshipsEN 50088:1996/corrigendum Aug.
Amended ByAMD 14087
AMD 13219
AMD 9886
Corrigendum, October 2007; Amendment, August 2006
DescriptorsTesting conditions, Voltage, Damp-air tests, Instructions for use, Leakage paths, Accident prevention, Fire tests, Endurance testing, Marking, Constructional toys, Clearance distances, Electrical safety, Performance, Electrical tolerances, Toys, Short-circuit current tests, Dielectric-strength tests, Type testing, Thermal testing, Electrically-operated devices, Definitions, Heating tests, Safety measures, Battery-powered devices, Mechanical testing, Leisure equipment, Temperature rise
Title in FrenchSécurité des jouets électriques
Title in GermanSicherheit elektrischer Spielzeuge
ISBN978 0 580 60155 2
File Size1.184 MB

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