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BS EN 60076-2:2011

Power transformers. Temperature rise for liquid-immersed transformers

Status : Current   Published : May 2011



What is BS EN 60076-2?

BS EN 60076-2 is a European Standard which identifies power transformers according to their cooling methods, defines temperature rise limits and gives the methods for temperature rise tests.

It applies to liquid-immersed transformers.

What's in the new edition?

BS EN 60076-2:2011 includes significant technical changes. For example:

  • A winding hot-spot temperature rise limit was introduced
  • The modalities for the temperature rise test were improved in relation to new thermal requirements
  • There are five new informative annexes which help you apply the standard
  • It now only applies to liquid immersed transformers.

Standard NumberBS EN 60076-2:2011
TitlePower transformers. Temperature rise for liquid-immersed transformers
Publication Date31 May 2011
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60076-8:1997, IEC Guide 115:2007, IEC 61181:2007, IEC 60085:2007, EN 60085:2008, EN 60076-1, EN 61181:2007, IEC 60076-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60567:2005, IEC 60076-7:2005, CIGRE WG 06-ST 12:1982, IEEE C57.91:1995, IEC 60296:2003, IEC 60599:1999, CIGRE WG 12.09:1994, IEC 61099:2010, IEC 60836:2005, CLC/TR 50462:2008
ReplacesBS EN 60076-2:1997
International RelationshipsEN 60076-2:2011,EN 60603-7-4:2005,IEC 60076-2:2011
Draft Superseded By07/30170365 DC
DescriptorsTemperature distribution, Temperature-rise limit, Type testing, Error correction, Electrical equipment, Power transformers, Temperature measurement, Windings, Resistance measurement, Electric load, Rated power, Cooling systems, Transformers, Oil-immersed transformers, Extrapolation, Short-circuit current tests, Temperature rise
Title in FrenchTransformateurs de puissance. Echauffement des transformateurs immergés dans le liquide
Title in GermanLeistungstransformatoren. Übertemperaturen für flüssigkeitsgefüllte Transformatoren
ISBN978 0 580 60092 0
File Size2.074 MB

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