PP 8888-2:2007

PP 8888-2:2007 Single Copy

Engineering drawing practice: a guide for further and higher education to BS 8888:2006, Technical product specification (TPS)

Status : Current   Published : April 2007


PP 8888-2:2007, the guide to the technical product specification standard for engineering students, has just been revised.

BS 8888:2006 Technical Product Specification enables product designers and manufacturers using British and international Standards to have a common technical language. It provides specifiers and suppliers with a precise means of describing a technical product, which can avoid misunderstanding in the communication of manufacturing requirements.

Students should be aware of the precision that designers and engineers need to communicate their product specifications. PP 8888-2:2007 gives them the guidance they need. It is suitable for certificate and diploma students, and undergraduates in further and higher education.

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Contents (file size: 62kb)

Preface and introduction (file size:32kb)

Chapter 1 (file size:51kb)

PP 8888-2:2007 provides:

  • Guidance to the application of BS 8888 within all elements of engineering design, manufacturing and verification
  • Cross-references to relevant standards, e.g. International Standards (ISO), European Standards (EN), and British Standards (BS) and cross-references to informative (optional) standards
  • A list of symbols and abbreviations
  • Examples of the application of BS 8888 and referenced standards

Phil Childs, on behalf of the technical committee responsible for Technical Product Specification, comments:

"With the ever increasing trend of separating the place of Manufacture from the place of Design it is critical that the designer’s intent is communicated in a clear and unambiguous manner. It is for this reason that Technical Product Specification (TPS) has been developed by BSI and ISO to provide common definitions for Design, Manufacturing and Verification. This education guide provides practical examples to show students how designers apply the many TPS Standards to ensure understanding of their intent, irrespective of language or discipline”.

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For more information about publications for education, please visit BSI Education.

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Also available - BS 8888:2008. Technical product specification (TPS). CD-ROM 


bip 2155New book

The Essential Guide to Technical Product Specification: Engineering Drawing

Standard NumberPP 8888-2:2007 Single Copy
TitleEngineering drawing practice: a guide for further and higher education to BS 8888:2006, Technical product specification (TPS)
Titles in this kitNo Description 000000000030162383 PP8888:2007 (Cover and Spine Insert) 000000000030013031 White Binder 4D 25

Publication Date01 April 2007
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
DescriptorsEngineering drawings, Drawings, Documents, Diagrams, Graphic representation, Graphic symbols, Symbols, Universities
ISBN978 0 580 50111 1
File Size0 KB
NotesAlso available as a pack of 5.

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