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BS EN ISO 26909:2010

Springs. Vocabulary

Status : Current, Confirmed   Published : September 2010



BS EN ISO 26909:2010 Springs. Vocabulary

BS EN ISO 26909 is an International Standard which specifies terms and definitions commonly used in the metal springs industry. Specifically, these terms appear in technical product documentation. Heat-treatment and surface-treatment terms pertinent to springs are included.

Terms are grouped into the following seven categories:

a) General features of springs
b) Application of springs in machinery and engineering
c) Layout and nomenclature of springs
d) Specification requirements
e) Design and calculation
f) Manufacturing and processing
g) Testing and inspection.

The hierarchical structure of terminology in each category is given in Annex B.

Contents of BS EN ISO 26909:

Terms and definitions
1 General features of springs
2 Application of springs in machinery and engineering
3 Layout and nomenclature of springs
4 Specification requirements
5 Design and calculation
6 Manufacturing and processing
7 Testing and inspection
Annex A (informative) Figures illustrating the terms and definitions
Annex B (informative) Grouping of terms for springs
Alphabetical index
French alphabetical index (Index alphabétique


Standard NumberBS EN ISO 26909:2010
TitleSprings. Vocabulary
StatusCurrent, Confirmed
Publication Date30 September 2010
Confirm Date16 March 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 8749, ISO 2162-3, ISO 8750, ISO 2162-1, ISO 8748, ISO 13337, ISO 8751, ISO 8752, ISO 26910-1:2009, JIS B 0103, ISO 2162-2, ISO 4885:1996
ReplacesBS EN ISO 2162-3:1996, BS 308-1.19:1996
International RelationshipsISO 26909:2009,EN ISO 26909:2010
Draft Superseded By08/30162037 DC
DescriptorsEngineering drawings, Technical data sheets, Terminology, Vocabulary, Springs, Technical documents, Drawings, Technical drawing
Title in FrenchRessorts. Vocabulaire
Title in GermanFedern. Begriffe
ISBN978 0 580 58379 7
File Size2.002 MB

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