BS EN 60947-7-3:2009 - Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Ancillary equipment. Safety requirements for fuse terminal blocks

BS EN 60947-7-3:2009

Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Ancillary equipment. Safety requirements for fuse terminal blocks

Status : Current   Published : January 2010



IEC 60947-7-3:2009 applies to fuse terminal blocks with screw-type or screwless-type clamping units for the connection of rigid (solid or stranded) or flexible copper conductors for the reception of cartridge fuse-links in accordance with IEC 60127-2, intended primarily for industrial or similar use in circuits not exceeding 1 000 V a.c., up to 1 000 Hz or 1 500 V d.c., and having a maximum short-circuit breaking capacity of 1 500 A. They are intended for installation in electrical equipment with enclosures which surround the fuse terminal blocks to such an extent that they are accessible only with the aid of a tool. For certain applications, for example in control circuits, the fuse terminal blocks may be designed exclusively for short-circuit protection. The object of this standard is to specify safety requirements and test methods for the mechanical, electrical and thermal characteristics of fuse terminal blocks, to ensure the compatibility between terminal blocks and standardized fuse-links. This standard may be used as a guide for

- fuse terminal blocks requiring the fixing of special devices to the conductors, for example quick connect terminations or wrapped connections, etc.;

- fuse terminal blocks providing direct contact to the conductors by means of edges or points penetrating the insulation, for example insulation displacement connections, etc.

Where applicable in this standard, the term "clamping unit" has been used instead of the term "terminal". This is taken into account in case of reference to IEC 60947-1. The main technical modifications of this standard since this previous publication are listed below:

- requirements regarding clearances and creepage distances replaced by reference to Annex H of IEC 60947-1;

- requirements for the test of the mechanical strength of the clamping units improved in;

- requirements for tightening torques for the tests improved and referenced to Table 4 of IEC 60947-1;

- requirements for the resistance and the dimensions of dummy fuse-links specified in

This publication shall be read in conjunction with

IEC 60947-1:2007


IEC 60947-7-1:2009


Standard NumberBS EN 60947-7-3:2009
TitleLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Ancillary equipment. Safety requirements for fuse terminal blocks
Publication Date31 January 2010
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 3:1973, EN 60947-1:2007, IEC 60947-1:2007, IEC 60947-7-1, EN 60947-7-1:2009, EN 60127-1:2006, IEC 60695-11-5:2004, EN 60216-1:2001, EN 60127-2:2003, EN 60127-2:2003/A1:2003, IEC 60216-1:2001, IEC 60127-1:2006, EN 60695-11-5:2005, ISO 4046-4:2002, IEC 60127-2:2003/AMD 1:2003, IEC 60127-2:2003
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60715:1981/AMD 1:1995, IEC 60715:1981, EN 60127-6:1994/AMD 2:2003, EN 61180-1:1994, IEC 60127-6:1994/AMD 1:1996, EN 61180-2:1994, EN 60127-6:1994, EN 60127-6:1994/AMD 1:1996, EN 60715:2001, IEC 60364-4-43:2008, IEC 60127-6:1994/AMD 2:2002, IEC 60127-6:1994, IEC 61180-1:1992, IEC 61180-2:1994
ReplacesBS EN 60947-7-3:2002
International RelationshipsEN 60947-7-3:2009,IEC 60947-7-3:2009
Draft Superseded By06/30157058 DC
DescriptorsElectrical testing, Electric control equipment, Mechanical testing, Thermal testing, Electrical equipment, Fuses, Electric conductors, Low-voltage equipment, Terminal blocks, Electrical safety, Low voltage, Copper, Safety measures, Electric enclosures, Switchgear, Fuse-links, Cartridge fuse-links
Title in FrenchAppareillage à basse tension. Matériels accessoires. Exigences de sécurité pour les blocs de jonction à fusible
Title in GermanNiederspannungsschaltgeräte. Hilfseinrichtungen. Sicherheitsanforderungen für Sicherungs-Reihenklemmen
ISBN978 0 580 70136 8
File Size1.302 MB

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