BS 7800:2006 - Automotive fuel. High octane (super) unleaded petrol. Specification – BSI British Standards
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BS 7800:2006

Automotive fuel. High octane (super) unleaded petrol. Specification

Status : Withdrawn   Published : March 2006

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This British Standard specifies requirements for high octane super unleaded petrol for use in petrol engine vehicles designed to run on unleaded petrol. It is aimed at the petroleum fuels industry, including retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. It is primarily intended to ensure compliance at the retail pump.

The principal changes from the 2000 edition in this revision are as follows:

  • The maximum sulfur content has been reduced to 50 mg/kg to conform to EU Directive 2003/17/EC
  • The maximum aromatic content has been reduced from 42 % (V/V) to 35 % (V/V) to conform to EU Directive 2003/17/EC
  • The test methods have been updated to make them compatible with BS EN 228.

ISBN 0 580 47929 3

Standard NumberBS 7800:2006
TitleAutomotive fuel. High octane (super) unleaded petrol. Specification
Publication Date28 March 2006
Withdrawn Date19 June 2014
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 2000-40, BS EN ISO 7536, BS 2000-123, BS EN ISO 3405, BS 2000-131, BS EN ISO 6246, BS 2000-154, BS EN ISO 2160, BS 2000-160, BS EN ISO 3675, BS 2000-236:2005, BS EN ISO 5163:2005, BS 2000-237:2005, BS EN ISO 5164:2005, BS 2000-365, BS EN ISO 12185, BS 2000-367, BS EN ISO 4259, BS 2000-394, BS EN 13016-1, BS 2000-408, BS EN 1601, BS 2000-425, BS EN 12177, BS 2000-428, BS EN 237, BS 2000-429, BS EN 238, BS 2000-466, BS EN 13132, BS 2000-475, BS EN ISO 3170, BS 2000-476, BS 3195-2, ISO 3171, BS 2000-490, BS EN ISO 20846, BS 2000-496, BS EN ISO 20847, BS 2000-497, BS EN ISO 20884, BS 2000-509, BS EN 14275, BS 2000-526, BS EN 14517, BS EN 228, IP 156, IP 538
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 381C:1996, BS 4040, ASTM D 2699:2001, ASTM D 2700:2001, 85/210/EEC, 98/70/EC, 93/12/EEC, 2003/17/EC, Motor Fuel (Composition and Content) Regulations 1999
ReplacesBS 7800:2000
Amended ByAMD 16679, September 2006 is a Corrigendum.
Draft Superseded By05/30115924 DC
DescriptorsAutomotive fuels, Unleaded gasoline, Gasoline, Petroleum products, Fuels, Liquid fuels, Octane number, Motor vehicles, Petrol engines, Chemical composition, Physical properties of materials, Fuel pumps, Marking
Title in FrenchCarburant pour vehicules a moteur. Essence sans plomb avec indice d'octane eleve. Specification
Title in GermanBleifreies Superbenzin fuer Kraftfahrzeuge. Spezifikation
ISBN0 580 47929 3
File Size230.9 KB
NotesThis standard is withdrawn as it is no longer relevant

*To ask about withdrawn titles contact the
Customer Relations, +44 345 086 9001
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