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BS EN ISO 10042:2005

Welding. Arc-welded joints in aluminium and its alloys. Quality levels for imperfections

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : January 2006 Replaced By : BS EN ISO 10042:2018

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BS EN ISO 10042:2005 should be used as a reference in drafting application codes and/or other application standards. It contains a simplified selection of arc welding imperfections based on the designations given in ISO 6520-1.

The purpose of this International Standard is to define the dimensions of typical imperfections which might be expected in normal fabrication. It may be used within a quality system for the production of welded joints. It provides three sets of dimensional values from which a selection can be made for a particular application. The quality level necessary in each case should be defined by the application standard or the responsible designer in conjunction with the manufacturer, user and/or other parties concerned. The quality level will have to be prescribed before the start of production, preferably at the enquiry or order stage. For special purposes, additional details may to be prescribed.

The quality levels given in this International Standard provide basic reference data and are not specifically related to any particular application. They refer to the types of welded joint in fabrication and not to the complete product or component itself. It is possible, therefore, that different quality levels are applied to individual welded joints in the same product or component.

BS EN ISO 10042 specifies quality levels for imperfections in arc-welded joints in aluminium and its alloys. It applies to material thicknesses above 0,5 mm. It covers full-penetration butt welds and all fillet welds. The principles may also be applied to partial-penetration butt welds.

BS EN ISO 10042:2005 applies to:

  • all types of weld, e.g. butt welds, fillet welds and branch connections
  • the following welding processes and their sub-processes as defined in ISO 4063:
      a. metal inert gas welding (MIG welding), gas metal arc welding /USA/
      b. tungsten inert gas welding (TIG welding), gas tungsten arc welding /USA/
      c. plasma arc welding
  • manual, mechanized and automatic welding
  • all welding positions.

Metallurgical aspects, e.g. grain size, hardness, are not covered by this International Standard.

BS EN ISO 10042:2005 replaces BS EN 30042:1994, which is withdrawn.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 10042:2005
TitleWelding. Arc-welded joints in aluminium and its alloys. Quality levels for imperfections
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date30 January 2006
Withdrawn Date17 July 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 6520-1:1998, ISO 4063, ISO 2553
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 10042, ISO 13919-2, ISO 17635
Replaced ByBS EN ISO 10042:2018
ReplacesBS EN 30042:1994, ISO 10042:1992
International RelationshipsEN ISO 10042:2005/AC:2006,ISO 10042:2005/Cor 1:2006
Amended ByAMD 16412
Corrigendum, August 2006
DescriptorsDimensional tolerances, Aluminium alloys, Thickness, Aluminium, Defects, Arc welding, Welding, Gas-shielded welding, Welded joints, Grades (quality), Acceptance (approval)
Title in FrenchSoudage. Assemblages en aluminium et alliages d'aluminium soudes a l'arc. Niveaux de qualite par rapport aux defauts
Title in GermanSchweissen. Lichtbogenschweissverbindungen an Aluminium und seinen Legierungen. Bewertungsgruppen von Unregelmaessigkeiten
ISBN0 580 47197 7
File Size421 KB

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