BS EN 50381:2004 - Transportable ventilated rooms with or without an internal source of release
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BS EN 50381:2004

Transportable ventilated rooms with or without an internal source of release

Status : Current   Published : January 2005



1.1 This European Standard contains the specific requirements for the construction and testing of transportable ventilated rooms (TVR's), such as skid mounted analyser houses with type of protection 'v' intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Transportable in this sense means manufactured in one location (the manufacturer's premises) for trade and transportation to another location (the user's premises) for installation and use. This European Standard supplements European Standard EN 50014 or where appropriate EN 50021, the requirements of which apply to electrical apparatus with type of protection 'v' except as modified within this standard. This standard does not contain the requirements for equipment group II, category 1 or equipment group I, category M1. This standard does not contain the requirements for equipment group I, category M2 where there exists a potential source of release. This standard does not contain the requirements for group II where there exists a potential hazard from combustible dusts. NOTE It is not the intention of this European Standard to cover stationary analyzer houses according to EN 61285. 1.2 This European Standard includes the requirements for the construction of the TVR and its associated components including, the inlet and outlet apertures for the ventilation gas supply and for the safety provisions and devices necessary for the type of protection 'v'. 1.3 This European Standard specifies the requirements for TVR's with or without an internal source of release of potentially flammable or toxic, gas, liquid or vapour (for example analyzers placed within the TVR). 1.4 Due to the safety factors incorporated in the type of protection, the uncertainty of measurement inherent in good quality, regularly calibrated measurement equipment is considered to have no significant detrimental effect and need not be taken into account when making the measurements necessary to verify compliance of the apparatus with the requirements of this standard.

Standard NumberBS EN 50381:2004
TitleTransportable ventilated rooms with or without an internal source of release
Publication Date07 January 2005
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 50020, IEC 60529, EN 954-1, IEC 61285, EN 50021, EN 50018, EN 50016, EN 61779-1, EN 61779-4, EN 61779-3, EN 61285, EN 61779-5, EN 50019, EN 60529, EN 60034-5, EN 50028, IEC 60079-15:2001, EN 60079-15:2003, EN 50017, EN 61779-2, EN 50014, EN 50039, IEC 60034-5, EN 60079-10:1996, EN 50015, IEC 60079-10:1995, IEC 61779-1:1998, IEC 61779-5:1998, IEC 61779-3:1998, IEC 61779-2:1998, IEC 61779-4:1998
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60079-13:2017, IEC/TR 61831, IEC 60079-16, 94/9/EC
International RelationshipsEN 50381 Corr 1 (12/05),EN 50381:2004
Amended ByAMD 16153
Corrigendum, August 2006
DescriptorsTransportable buildings, Internal, Ventilation, Transportable, Transportable structures
Title in FrenchCaissons ventiles transportables avec ou sans source de degagement interne
Title in GermanTransportable ventilierte Raeume mit oder ohne innere Freisetzungsstelle
ISBN0 580 45307 3
File Size507 KB

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