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BS EN 62282-2:2004

Fuel cell technologies. Fuel cell modules

Status : Revised, Withdrawn   Published : December 2004 Replaced By : BS EN 62282-2:2012

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BS EN 62282-2:2004 Fuel cell technologies. Fuel cell modules

Fuel cell modules are components of final products. These products require evaluation to appropriate end-product safety requirements. Fuel cell modules are electrochemical devices which convert continuously supplied fuel, such as hydrogen or hydrogen rich gases, alcohols, hydrocarbons, and oxidants to d.c. power, heat, water and other by-products.

BS EN 62282-2 provides the minimum requirements for safety and performance of fuel cell modules. It applies to fuel cell modules with the following electrolyte chemistry:

– Alkaline
– Proton exchange membrane (including direct methanol fuel cells)
– Phosphoric acid
– Molten carbonate
– Solid oxide fuel cell modules.

Fuel cell modules might be provided either with or without an enclosure and might be operated at significant pressurization levels or close to ambient pressure.

BS EN 62282-2 deals with conditions that can harm people and damage outside the fuel cell modules only. Protection against damage to the fuel cell modules itself is not addressed in this standard, unless it leads to hazards outside the module.

BS EN 62282-2 does not apply to road vehicle applications. It also does not limit or inhibit technological advancement.

Contents of BS EN 62282-2:

2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Requirements
4.1 General safety strategy
4.2 Design requirements
5 Type tests
5.1 Gas leakage test
5.2 Normal operation
5.3 Allowable working pressure test
5.4 Pressure withstanding test of cooling system
5.5 Electrical overload test
5.6 Overpressure test
5.7 Dielectric strength test
5.8 Differential pressure test
5.9 Gas leakage test (repeat)
5.10 Normal operation (repeat)
5.11 Flammable concentration test
5.12 Tests of abnormal conditions
6 Routine tests
6.1 Gas-tightness test
6.2 Dielectric strength withstand test
7 Markings and instructions
7.1 Nameplate
7.2 Marking
7.3 Warning label
7.4 Documentation
Annex A (informative) Additional information for the performance and evaluation of the tests
Figure 1 – Fuel cell system components and scope of standard
Table 1 −Dielectric strength test voltages (derived from EN 50178)
Table A.1 – Viscosity of gases at one atmosphere

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BS EN 62282-3-2:2006 Fuel cell technologies. Stationary fuel cell power systems. Performance test methods


Standard NumberBS EN 62282-2:2004
TitleFuel cell technologies. Fuel cell modules
StatusRevised, Withdrawn
Publication Date10 December 2004
Withdrawn Date31 August 2012
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 188:1998, IEC 60812, EN 60529:1991, ISO 1436-1:2001, ISO 1307:1992, ISO 37:1994, HD 617 S1:1992, IEC 60079, IEC 60617-DB:2001, EN 60352, HD 485 S1:1987, EN 61508, EN 60079, EN 50178, EN 60079-10:2003, IEC 61508-1, ISO 4672:1997, EN 60695, IEC 60695, EN ISO 1307:1995, EN ISO 4672:1999, IEC 60079-10, IEC 60512-8, EN 60529:1991/Corrigendum:1993, EN 50014, IEC 60352, EN ISO 1402:1996, IEC 61025, IEC 61508, IEC 60529, EN 61508-1:2001, ISO 1402:1994, EN 50178:1997
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60050-351:1998, IEC 60112:2020, ISO 7-2:2000, BS EN IEC 60112:2020, ISO 2974:2000, ISO 49:1994, ISO 1179:1981, ISO 228-2:1987, ISO 228-1:2000, ISO 9227:1990, ISO 3183-1:1996, ISO 7-1:1994, ISO 6957:1988, ANSI Z21.22-1999/CSA 4.4-M99, ISO 1431:1989, CGA 12.6-M94, IEC 60730, UL 132, EN 60730, EN 60112:2003, ISO/TR 15916:2004, EN 60664-1:2003, ANSI/IAS PRD 1-1998, IEC 60050-151:2001, ANSI/CSANGV2-2000, IEC 60664-1, EN ISO 228-2:2003, EN ISO 228-1:2003
Replaced ByBS EN 62282-2:2012
International RelationshipsEN 62282-2:2004/A1:2007,IEC 62282-2:2004/AMD1:2007
Amended ByAmendment, June 2007
DescriptorsSafety measures, Fuels, Modules, Dielectric properties, Type testing, Fuel cells, Pressure, Energy technology, Test pressure, Electrical properties of materials, Electric cells, Direct energy conversion, Specification (approval), Electrical measurement, Performance, Electrical testing
Title in FrenchTechnologies des piles a combustible. Modules a piles a combustible
Title in GermanBrennstoffzellentechnologien. Brennstoffzellen-Module
ISBN978 0 580 50869 1
File Size924 KB

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