PD ISO/IEC TR 24741:2007
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PD ISO/IEC TR 24741:2007

Information technology. Biometrics tutorial

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : October 2007 Replaced By : PD ISO/IEC TR 24741:2018

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Biometrics bannerPD ISO/IEC TR 24741 is a technical report that provides a tutorial on biometrics.

It contains a description of the architecture of biometric processes and of the processes themselves.

It includes further details of international standards' activity in the field of biometrics, and the terms and definitions that are used in them.

“Biometric authentication” is the automatic recognition of individual persons based on distinguishing biological and behavioural traits. The field is a subset of the broader field of human identification science. Example technologies include fingerprinting, face recognition, hand geometry, speaker recognition and iris recognition.

At the current level of technology, DNA analysis is a laboratory technique not fully automated and requiring human processing, so it is not considered “biometric authentication” under this definition (it is not currently automatic and fast, but may become so in the near future).

Some techniques (such as iris recognition) are more biologically based and some (such as signature recognition) are more behaviourally based, but all techniques are influenced by both behavioural and biological elements.

There are no purely “behavioural” or “biological” biometric systems.

Biometric authentication is frequently referred to as simply “biometrics”, although this latter word has historically been associated with the statistical analysis of general biological data.

The word “biometrics”, like “genetics”, is usually treated as singular. It first appeared in the vocabulary of physical and information security around 1980 as a substitute for the earlier descriptor “automatic personal identification”, in use in the 1970s. Biometric systems recognize “persons” by recognizing “bodies”.

The distinction between person and body is subtle, but is of key importance in understanding the inherent capabilities and limitations of these technologies. In our context, biometrics deals with computer recognition of patterns created by human behaviours and biological structures, and is usually associated more with the field of computer engineering and statistical pattern analysis than with the behavioural or biological sciences.

Today, biometrics is being used to recognize individuals in a wide variety of contexts, such as computer and physical access control, law enforcement, voting, border crossing, social benefit programs and driver licensing.

Contents of PD ISO/IEC TR 24741 includes

  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • Introduction and general history
  • What are biometric technologies?
  • History
  • Technology overview
  • Eye technologies
  • Iris characteristics
  • Retina characteristics
  • Face technologies
  • Finger ridge technologies
  • Finger scanning
  • Finger image verification
  • Finger image identification
  • Palm technologies
  • Hand geometry technologies
  • Finger geometry technologies
  • Dynamic signature technologies
  • Speaker recognition technologies
  • Vein patterns
  • Keystrokes
  • Possible future biometric technologies
  • Scent
  • DNA
  • Ear shape
  • Body potential differences
  • A general biometric system
  • Conceptual diagram of a general biometric system
  • Conceptual components of a general biometric system
  • Data capture subsystem
  • Transmission subsystem
  • Signal processing subsystem
  • Data storage subsystem
  • Matching subsystem
  • Decision subsystem
  • Administration subsystem
  • Interfaces
  • Functions of a general biometric system
  • Enrolment phase
  • Recognition phase
  • Fundamental concepts
  • International Standards for biometrics technical interfaces
  • BDBs and BIRs
  • Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework (CBEFF)
  • The BioAPI International Standard
  • The BIP International Standard
  • Performance testing
  • Types of technical tests
  • Biometrics and information security
  • Example applications
  • Law enforcement
  • Civilian applications
  • Banking applications
  • Benefit systems
  • Computer systems access
  • Immigration control
  • National identity cards
  • Physical access control
  • Prisons and police applications
  • Telephone systems
  • Time, attendance and monitoring applications
  • Civil background checks
  • Biometrics and privacy
  • Biometric technology acceptability
  • Protection from identity theft
  • Privacy
  • Conclusions
  • A brief summary of International Standards activity
  • Background on biometrics standardization
  • Layers or areas of biometric standardization and Working Groups
  • Layer 1 – 7 Standards (approved or in preparation for initial standards)
  • Vocabulary work (approved or in preparation for initial standards)
  • A brief summary of the above Standards or Technical Reports
  • Vocabulary Standards
  • Terms and definitions used in International Biometric Standards
  • General concepts
  • Data-related terms
  • Capture-related terms
  • Enrolment-related terms
  • Process and system-related terms
  • Person-related terms
  • Comparison-related terms
  • CBEFF-related terms
  • BioAPI-related terms
  • Application-related terms
  • Performance-related terms
  • Bibliography

Standard NumberPD ISO/IEC TR 24741:2007
TitleInformation technology. Biometrics tutorial
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date31 October 2007
Withdrawn Date02 March 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
Replaced ByPD ISO/IEC TR 24741:2018
International RelationshipsISO/IEC TR 24741:2007
DescriptorsIdentification methods, Speech recognition, Information exchange, Biometrics, Data processing, Photographic images, Data representation, Image processing (computer), Human body
Title in FrenchTechnologies de l'information. Tutoriel biométrique
Title in GermanInformationstechnik. Biometrie. Tutorium
ISBN978 0 580 56521 2
File Size1.846 MB

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