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BS ISO 21439:2009

Clinical dosimetry. Beta radiation sources for brachytherapy

Status : Current, Confirmed   Published : February 2009



BS ISO 21439:2009 Clinical dosimetry. Beta radiation sources for brachytherapy

BS ISO 21439 specifies methods for the determination of absorbed-dose distributions in water or tissue that are required prior to initiating procedures for the application of beta radiation in ophthalmic tumour and intravascular brachytherapy.

BS ISO 21439 gives recommendations for beta radiation source calibration, dosimetry measurements, dose calculation, dosimetric quality assurance, as well as for beta radiation brachytherapy treatment planning. BS ISO 21439 also gives guidance for estimating the uncertainty of the absorbed dose to water.

BS ISO 21439  applies to “sealed” radioactive sources, such as plane and concave surface sources, source trains of single seeds, line sources, and shell and volume sources, for which only the beta radiation emitted is of therapeutic relevance.

BS ISO 21439 is geared towards organizations wishing to establish reference methods in dosimetry aiming at clinical demands for an appropriately small uncertainty of the delivered dose. BS ISO 21439 does not exclude the possibility that there can be other methods leading to the same or smaller measurement uncertainties.

Contents of BS ISO 21439:

• Foreword
• Introduction
• Scope
• Normative references
• Terms and definitions
• Beta radiation sources and source data
• Dose calculation parameters and formalisms
• Calibration and traceability
• Dose measurements in-phantom and measurement corrections
• Theoretical modelling
• Uncertainties in source calibrations
• Treatment planning and reporting
• Clinical quality control
• Reference data
• Reference data sheet examples
• Primary standards for beta radiation dosimetry
• Detectors and phantom materials for clinical dosimetry of beta radiation
• brachytherapy sources
• Monte Carlo calculations
• Treatment planning
• Bibliography

Standard NumberBS ISO 21439:2009
TitleClinical dosimetry. Beta radiation sources for brachytherapy
StatusCurrent, Confirmed
Publication Date28 February 2009
Confirm Date11 October 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008, ICRU Report 51, ISO 6980-2, ISO/IEC Guide 99, VIM, GUM:1995
Informative References(Provided for Information)ICRU Report 64, ICRU Report 72, ICRU Report 35, ICRU Report 60, ICRU Report 56, IEC 60601-2-17:2005, ICRU Report 44, ICRU Report 31, ICRU Report 37, ICRU Report 50, ICRU Report 62, ISO 9978:1992, ISO 2919
International RelationshipsISO 21439:2009
Draft Superseded By07/30143885 DC
DescriptorsClinical medicine, Medical equipment, Dosimeters, Radioactive sources, Calibration, Electrical medical equipment, Quality assurance, Statistical methods of analysis, Radiation measurement, Medical radiology, Beta-particles, Radiology apparatus (medical)
Title in FrenchDosimétrie clinique. Sources de radiation bêta pour curiethérapie
ISBN978 0 580 56286 0
File Size1.215 MB

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