BS EN 60068-2-31:2008 - Environmental testing. Tests. Test Ec. Rough handling shocks, primarily for equipment-type specimens – BSI British Standards
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BS EN 60068-2-31:2008

Environmental testing. Tests. Test Ec. Rough handling shocks, primarily for equipment-type specimens

Status : Current   Published : January 2009



BS EN 60068-2-31 provides a test procedure for simulating the effects of shocks and falls on equipment, which may be received during repair work or rough handling.

This procedure does not simulate the effects of impacts received during transportation as loosely constrained cargo.

BS EN 60068-2-31 replaces BS EN 60068-2-31:1993, IEC 60068-2-31:1969, and BS EN 60068-2-32:1993.

Contents of BS EN 60068-2-31

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 General description of test
4 Initial measurements
5 Testing
5.1 Drop and topple
5.1.1 Description
5.1.2 Test Facility
5.1.3 Testing procedures
5.2 Free fall – Procedure 1
5.2.1 Description
5.2.2 Test Facility
5.2.3 Test severity
5.2.4 Testing procedures
5.3 Free fall repeated – Procedure 2
5.3.1 Description
5.3.2 Test facility
5.3.3 Test severity
5.3.4 Testing procedure
6 Final measurements
7 Information to be included in the relevant specification
7.1 Drop and topple test
7.2 Free fall and free fall repeated tests
8 Information to be given in the test report
Annex A (normative) Test apparatus for repeated free fall test – Procedure 2
Annex B (informative) Selection of test severities for free fall tests – Guidance
Figure 1 – Dropping on to a face
Figure 2 – Dropping on to a corner
Figure 3 – Topple (or push over)
Figure A.1 – Rotating (or tumbling) barrel
Table 1 – Fall heights versus mass
Table B.1 – Examples of typical test severities


Standard NumberBS EN 60068-2-31:2008
TitleEnvironmental testing. Tests. Test Ec. Rough handling shocks, primarily for equipment-type specimens
Publication Date31 January 2009
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60068-2-55:1987, IEC Guide 104, EN 24180-2:1992, IEC 60068-2-27, ISO 48:2007, EN 60068-2-55:1993, ISO 4180-2:1980
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
ReplacesBS EN 60068-2-31:1993, IEC 60068-2-31:1969, BS EN 60068-2-32:1993
International RelationshipsEN 60068-2-31:2008,IEC 60068-2-31:2008
Draft Superseded By05/30138375 DC
DescriptorsElectronic equipment and components, Environmental testing, Mechanical testing, Electrical equipment, Electrical components, Impact testing, Drop tests
Title in FrenchEssais d'environnement. Essais. Essai Ec. Choc lié à des manutentions brutales, essai destiné en premier lieu aux matériels
Title in GermanUmgebungseinflüsse. Prüfverfahren. Prüfung Ec. Schocks durch raue Handhabung, vornehmlich für Geräte
ISBN978 0 580 55736 1
File Size1.489 MB

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