BS EN 15273-2:2009 - Railway applications. Gauges. Rolling stock gauge

BS EN 15273-2:2009

Railway applications. Gauges. Rolling stock gauge

Status : Revised, Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : May 2010 Replaced By : BS EN 15273-2:2013+A1:2016

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This document is applicable by the authorities involved in all types of railway operation. This European Standard is applicable to new designs, to modifications and to the checking of the gauge for vehicles already in use. The application of the rules of this European Standard makes it possible to determine the maximum dimensions of vehicles related to the structures. The rules given in this standard are not applicable to vehicles guided by a single rail. This European Standard contains: - the associated rules for all the gauges for rolling stock; - the requirements for composing the technical gauge report to submit to the Acceptance Authority in order to confirm vehicle conformity to this standard; - the requirements for maintaining the vehicle characteristics influencing gauging throughout its operational life.

Standard NumberBS EN 15273-2:2009
TitleRailway applications. Gauges. Rolling stock gauge
StatusRevised, Superseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date31 May 2010
Withdrawn Date31 July 2013
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 12663, EN 14363:2005, EN 15273-3:2009, EN 50119, EN 15273-1:2009, EN 12299
Informative References(Provided for Information)UIC 741:2007, GOST 9238-83, UIC 606-1:1987, EN 13775, EN 14067-3, UIC 503:2007, EN 14752, UIC 505-1, 2008/57/EC, EN 13260, UIC 505-5:1977, UIC 505-4, EN 14067-2, UIC 506:1987, UIC 608:2003, UIC 507:1997, EN 50367, UIC 569:1979, UIC 560:2002
Replaced ByBS EN 15273-2:2013+A1:2016
International RelationshipsEN 15273-2:2009
Draft Superseded By05/30137981 DC
DescriptorsRailways, Railway wagons, Railway vehicles, Gauges, Dimensions, Railway vehicle components, Railway coaches, Railway fixed equipment, Profile, Railway equipment, Dimensional measurement, Mathematical calculations, Railway engineering Railway applications
Title in FrenchApplications ferroviaires. Gabarits. Gabarit du matériel roulant
Title in GermanBahnanwendungen. Begrenzungslinien. Fahrzeugbegrenzungslinien
ISBN978 0 580 55704 0
File Size4.226 MB

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