PAS 68:2007 Specification for vehicle security barriers

PAS 68:2007

Specification for vehicle security barriers

Status : Withdrawn, Revised   Published : January 2007 Replaced By : PAS 68:2010

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PAS 68:2007 has been prepared to address the needs of organizations who wish to have assurance that vehicle security barriers will provide the level of impact resistance that they seek.

Many systems are available that are either promoted or considered suitable for use as vehicle security barriers. As their characteristics differ in both function and form, a comparative means of assessing their performance is required.

PAS 68:2007 specifies a classification system for the performance of vehicle security barriers and their supporting foundations when subjected to a single horizontal impact.

In the course of this document three alternative assessment methods of determining the performance classification of vehicle security barriers are given:

  • The vehicle impact method
  • The pendulum method (only suitable for testing bollards at lower energy levels)
  • The design method.

This PAS identifies impact test tolerances and vehicle performance criteria that need to be met in order to conform to it. Design guidance is provided in PAS 69:2006.

Standard NumberPAS 68:2007
TitleSpecification for vehicle security barriers
StatusWithdrawn, Revised
Publication Date31 January 2007
Withdrawn Date31 January 2010
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)PAS 69, BS EN ISO/IEC 17025
Informative References(Provided for Information)PAS 69:2006, BS 7501, EN 45001:1989, BS 8500-1:2002, BS 8500-2:2002, BS AU 164, ISO 3784, BS AU 246, ISO 10392, BS 4-1:1993, BS 4449:1997, BS 4483:1985, BS 4721:1981, BS 4887:1986, BS 5606:1987, BS 5950:2000, BS 7973:2001, BS 8110:1997, BS 8500-1:2002, BS 8500-2:2002, BS 8666:2000, BS EN 40-1:1992, BS EN 40-2:2004, prEN 40-3:1991, prEN 40-4:1999, BS EN 40-5:2002, BS EN 40-6:2002, BS EN 197-1:2000, BS EN 934-2, BS EN 1008, BS EN 1317-2:1998, BS EN 1317-3:2000, DD ENV 1317-4:2002, prEN 1317-5:1998, BS EN 10025:1993, BS EN 12620, BS EN 12899-1:2001, prEN 12899-2:1998, BS EN 13139:2002, BS EN ISO 8503, BS ISO 6813:1998
Replaced ByPAS 68:2010
ReplacesPAS 68:2005
DescriptorsSecurity, Barriers, Road vehicles, Protective barriers, Security systems in buildings, Access control systems (buildings), Bollards (traffic), Crash barriers, Safety devices, Street furniture, Performance, Classification systems, Foundations, Impact resistance tests, Impact testing, Testing conditions
ISBN978 0 580 50099 2
File Size572.1 KB

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