BS 5975:1996 - Code of practice for falsework – BSI British Standards

BS 5975:1996

Code of practice for falsework

Status : Revised, Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : March 1996 Replaced By : BS 5975:2008+A1:2011

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BS 5975:2006 gives recommendations for the design use of falsework on construction sites. This code has drawn together all those aspects that need to be considered when preparing a falsework design, and in so doing has included recommendations for material, design and work on site. Because the success of falsework is closely tied up with its management, this code also describes procedures as well as technical aspects.  

Standard NumberBS 5975:1996
TitleCode of practice for falsework
StatusRevised, Superseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date15 March 1996
Confirm Date01 August 2007
Withdrawn Date31 December 2008
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 449-2:1969, BS 1377-7:1990, BS EN 10210-1:1994, BS 1139-1.1:1990, BS 5507-3:1982, BS 5930:1981, BS 1377-3:1990, BS 8110-1:1985, BS 4471:1987, BS 4604-2:1970, BS 5628-2:1995, BS EN 10025:1993, BS 1139-2.1:1991, BS 4074:1982, BS 8110-2:1985, BS 8118-1:1991, BS 1881-115:1986, BS 5135:1984, BS 5628-1:1992, BS 6399-1:1996, BS 1881-120:1983, BS 1881-116:1983, BS 8004:1986, BS 1377-4:1990, BS 5507-1:1977, BS 1377-2:1990, BS 8118-2:1991, BS 1377-9:1990, BS 4604-1:1970, BS 1377-6:1990, BS 1881-119:1983, BS 5268-2:1991, BS 1881-118:1983, BS 4978:1988, BS 1881-117:1983, BS 648:1964, BS 4848-2:1991, BS 5973:1993, BS 1377-1:1990, BS 1377-5:1990, BS 8110-3:1985, CP 3:Chapter V-2:1972, BS 1139-2.2:1991, BS 1377-8:1990
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 5400-3:1982, BS 7613:1994, DD ENV 89:1993, BS EN 10155:1993, BS EN 10113-3:1993, BS EN 10113-2:1993, BS EN 10113-1:1993, BS 6349-7:1991, BS 7668:1994, BS 6031:1981, BS EN 10029:1991, BS EN 10137-1:1996, BS 6349-1:1984, BS 5400-1:1988
Replaced ByBS 5975:2008+A1:2011
Amended ByAMD 9289
AMD 15090
DescriptorsAxial stress, Fatigue, Stability, Climatic loading, Loading, Blocks (building), Girders, Structural systems, Ground-water drainage, Mass, Structural members, Mechanical properties of materials, Temporary structures, Foundations, Independent scaffolds, Design, Dimensions, Site investigations, Props, Visual inspection (testing), Erecting (construction operation), Stress analysis, Building sites, Falsework, Bailey bridges, Maintenance, Soils, Brickwork, Factor of safety, Bending stress, Hardwoods, Mobile scaffolds, Traffic, Soil testing, Scaffolding components, Structural steels, Supports, Strength of materials, Structural timber, Structural design, Beams, Field testing, Struts, Concretes, Modulus of elasticity, Legislation, Wind loading, Steels, Density, Softwoods
Title in FrenchCode de bonne pratique d'etaiement
Title in GermanLeitfaden fuer Traggerueste
ISBN0 580 24949 2
File Size4.836 MB

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