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BS EN 415-8:2008

Safety of packaging machines. Strapping machines

Status : Current   Published : July 2008



BS EN 415-8:2008 Safety of packaging machines. Strapping machines

Strapping machines are used extensively in Europe, in an increasingly wide range of industries. They contain several significant hazards and have the potential to cause serious injury.

BS EN 415-8 applies to the following groups of machines:

  • Powered hand strapping tools
  • Semi-automatic strapping machines
  • Automatic strapping machines
  • Horizontal pallet strapping machines
  • Vertical pallet strapping machines.

BS EN 415-8 deals with safety requirements for machine design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, adjustment, maintenance and cleaning of strapping machines.

The extent to which hazards, hazardous situations and events are covered, are indicated in Clause 4 of this standard.

BS EN 415-8 does not apply to the following machines:

  • Strapping tools that are powered exclusively by manual effort
  • Strapping machines that were manufactured before the date of publication of this standard by CEN.

BS EN 415-8 does not consider the following hazards:

  • The use of strapping machines in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • The health, safety or hygiene hazards associated with the products that may be handled by the machines, but does include general advice on this subject
  • Hazards that can be associated with electromagnetic emissions from strapping machines
  • Hazards that can be associated with decommissioning strapping machines.


Standard NumberBS EN 415-8:2008
TitleSafety of packaging machines. Strapping machines
Publication Date31 July 2008
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International RelationshipsEN 415-8:2008
Draft Superseded By04/30124187 DC
DescriptorsPackaging machines, Straps, Materials handling, Equipment safety, Occupational safety, Safety measures, Packaging, Hazards, Safety devices, Control devices, Noise control (acoustic), Verification, Instructions for use, Cleaning, Maintenance
Title in FrenchSécurité des machines d'emballage. Cercleuses
Title in GermanSicherheit von Verpackungsmaschinen. Umreifungsmaschinen
ISBN978 0 580 54754 6
File Size1.002 MB

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