BS EN 13383-1:2002 - Armourstone. Specification

BS EN 13383-1:2002

Armourstone. Specification

Status : Current, Under review   Published : May 2002 Replaced By : BS EN 13383-1:2013



This European Standard specifies the properties of aggregates obtained by processing natural, manufactured or recycled materials and mixtures of these materials for use as armourstone. It provides for the evaluation of conformity of the products to this European Standard. NOTE 1 The requirements in this European Standard are based upon experience with armourstone types with an established pattern of use. Care should be taken when considering the use of armourstone from sources with no such pattern of use, e.g., recycled armourstone and armourstone arising from certain industrial by-products. Such armourstone, which should comply with all the requirements of this European Standard, could have other characteristics not included in Mandate M 125 that do not apply to the generality of armourstone types with an established pattern of use and when required, provisions valid at the place of use can be used to assess their suitability. NOTE 2 Finer aggregates than specified in this European Standard are used in hydraulic structures. For such aggregates European Standards for other end uses of aggregates should be applied.

Standard NumberBS EN 13383-1:2002
TitleArmourstone. Specification
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date28 May 2002
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 932-5, EN 1097-1, EN 1367-2, EN 933-3, EN 932-3, prEN 1744-3, EN 13383-2:2002, EN 1744-1:1998, EN 1926:1999
Informative References(Provided for Information)93/68/EEC, P18-556, EN 12370, 98/598/EC, 89/106/EEC
Replaced ByBS EN 13383-1:2013
International RelationshipsEN 13383-1:2002
Amended ByAMD 15338
Corrigendum, August 2004
DescriptorsNatural aggregates, Specification (approval), Particle size distribution, Aggregates, Construction engineering works, Water retention and flow works, Rocks, Conformity, Quality assurance, Synthetic aggregates
Title in FrenchEnrochements. Specifications
Title in GermanWasserbausteine. Anforderungen
ISBN0 580 39777 7
File Size552 KB
NotesThis standard has been reinstated after a decision made by CEN to introduce technical changes to the standard.

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