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BS EN 54-24:2008

Fire detection and fire alarm systems. Components of voice alarm systems. Loudspeakers

Status : Current   Published : July 2008



BS EN 54-24 specifies requirements, test methods and performance criteria for loudspeakers intended to broadcast a warning of fire between a fire detection and fire alarm system and the occupants of a building.

The primary reason for using a voice alarm system instead of the coded warnings given by sounders is to reduce the time taken for those at risk to recognize that an emergency exists, and to give clear instructions on what to do next. This means that voice alarm loudspeakers need to achieve a minimum acoustical performance, as well as constructional and environmental requirements, to be suitable for use in fire detection and fire alarm systems.

BS EN 54-24 recognizes that the exact nature of the acoustical requirements for voice alarm loudspeakers will vary according to the nature of the space into which there are installed. It therefore specifies the minimum requirements that apply to voice alarm loudspeakers and a common method for testing their operational performance against parameters specified by the manufacturers.

This European Standard gives common requirements for the construction and robustness of voice alarm loudspeakers as well as their performance under climatic and mechanical conditions which are likely to occur in the service environment. As the types of loudspeaker considered in this European Standard are passive electromechanical devices not involving sensitive electronic circuits, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests have not been included. The loudspeakers have been classified in either an indoor or an outdoor application environment category.

This European Standard requires that manufacturers specify certain characteristics in a consistent manner so that designers can make objective decisions about which loudspeaker to use in specific applications.

This European Standard does not cover loudspeakers for special applications, for example loudspeaker for use in hazardous applications, if such applications require additional or other requirements or tests than those given in this European Standard. This European Standard is not intended to cover addressable loudspeakers, loudspeakers with active components.

Voice alarm sounders are covered in BS EN 54-3:2001.

Standard NumberBS EN 54-24:2008
TitleFire detection and fire alarm systems. Components of voice alarm systems. Loudspeakers
Publication Date31 July 2008
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Informative References(Provided for Information)89/106/EEC, 96/577/EC, 2002/592/EC
International RelationshipsEN 54-24:2008
Draft Superseded By05/30117307 DC
DescriptorsFire alarms, Warning devices, Audible warning devices, Acoustics, Fire safety in buildings, Speech, Acoustic signals, Environmental testing, Environment (working), Fire detectors, Public-address systems, Conformity, Performance, Loudspeakers, Acoustic measurement, Alarm systems, Performance testing
Title in FrenchSystèmes de détection et d'alarme incendie. Composants des systèmes d'alarme vocale. Haut-parleurs
Title in GermanBrandmeldeanlagen. Komponenten für Sprachalarmierungssysteme. Lautsprecher
ISBN978 0 580 54520 7
File Size783 KB

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