BS EN 62006:2011 - Hydraulic machines. Acceptance tests of small hydroelectric installations

BS EN 62006:2011

Hydraulic machines. Acceptance tests of small hydroelectric installations

Status : Current   Published : June 2011



IEC 62006:2010 defines the test, the measuring methods and the contractual guarantee conditions for field acceptance tests of the generating machinery in small hydroelectric power installations. It applies to installations containing impulse or reaction turbines with unit power up to about 15 MW and reference diameter of about 3 m. The driven generator can be of synchronous or asynchronous type. This International Standard contains information about most of the tests required for acceptance of the hydraulic turbine such as safety approval tests, trial operating and reliability tests, as well for verification of cavitation, noise and vibration conditions, if required. This standard represents the typical methods used on smaller hydroelectric installations, and is divided into three classes as follows:

Class A: Default, normal test program (panel measurement), to determine the maximum output of the installation.

Class B: Recommended, extended test program, to determine the performance characteristics of the installation.

Class C: Optional, comprehensive test program, to determine the absolute efficiency of the installation.

All classes contain safety tests, trial operating tests, and reliability tests. This standard gives all necessary references for the contract in order to execute the test, evaluate, calculate and compare the result to the guarantee for all the classes A, B and C.

Standard NumberBS EN 62006:2011
TitleHydraulic machines. Acceptance tests of small hydroelectric installations
Publication Date30 June 2011
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 1680, ISO 5168, IEC 60041:1991, IEC 60308, IEC 60609, EN ISO 3746, EN 60651, IEC 61362, ISO 7919-5, EN 60041:1994, ISO 10816-3, EN 60609, ANSI/IEEE 810, ISO 1940-1:2003, EN ISO 1680, EN 60193, EN 60308, IEC 60651, ISO 3746, IEC 60193, EN 61362, ISO 4412
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 2975, IEC 60545, IEC/TR 61364, IEC 61116, ASME PTC 18:2002, ISO 555, IEC 60994, ISO 2186, ISO 7919, IEC 61260, ISO 10816, ISO 5167, ISO 3966, ISO 2954, ISO 3455, ISO 4373:1979, ISO 3354
International RelationshipsEN 60601-2-1:1998/A1:2002,EN 62006:2011,IEC 62006:2010
Draft Superseded By06/19982093 DC
DescriptorsHydraulic equipment, Performance, Electric machines, Consumer-supplier relations, Guarantees, Approval testing, Noise (environmental), Electric generators, Water turbines, Equipment safety, Vibration measurement, Contracts, Turbines, Performance testing, Commissioning, Hydroelectric power stations, Acoustic measurement
Title in FrenchMachines hydrauliques. Essais de réception des petits aménagements hydroélectriques
Title in GermanHydraulische Maschinen. Abnahmemessungen an Kleinwasserkraft-Anlagen
ISBN978 0 580 54423 1
File Size3.163 MB

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