BS EN 60740-1:2005 - Laminations for transformers and inductors. Mechanical and electrical characteristics

BS EN 60740-1:2005

Laminations for transformers and inductors. Mechanical and electrical characteristics

Status : Current   Published : December 2005



IEC 60740-1:2005 specifies the characteristics of laminations. Their preferred use is cores for transformers and inductors. The laminations are made of sheets and strips of magnetic materials, specified in IEC 60404-8-4 and IEC 60404-8-7. The main changes are listed below:

a) ranges with lamination strips YS, YSUI 1, YSUI 2 and laminations YEE 2-..L added;

b) range YEI 1 extended at the above end;

c) ranges YED 2, YEF 2, YEL 2, YES 2, Type YM 1-5a and YM 1-7a cancelled;

d) national designations cancelled;

e) electrical characteristics for the laminations specified;

f) mechanical characteristics for laminations added;

g) holes added for lamination types YEI 1, YUI 1, YUI 2, YM 1;

h) in Annex A, a conversion of the polarisation J and the field strength H in a specific total apparent power is defined. For the characteristics of the reactive power and the power loss, equations and constants are specified.

Standard NumberBS EN 60740-1:2005
TitleLaminations for transformers and inductors. Mechanical and electrical characteristics
Publication Date23 December 2005
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 61021-2:1997, IEC 60404-11:1999, IEC 60404-1:2000, EN 61021-1:1997, EN 20286-1:1993, IEC 60050-221, ISO 286-1:1988, IEC 61021-1:1990, IEC 60404-8-4:1998, IEC 60404-8-7:1998, IEC 61021-2:1995
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 61797-1:1996, IEC 60740-2:1993
ReplacesBS 6554-1:1984, IEC 60740:1982
International RelationshipsEN 60740-1:2005,IEC 60740-1:2005
Draft Superseded By04/30112654 DC
DescriptorsTest equipment, Electrical measurement, Communication equipment, Preferred sizes, Electrical testing, Marking, Laminates, Magnetic alloys, Magnetic properties of materials, Mechanical testing, Inductors, Electrical components, Field strength (electric), Stacking, Volume, Power losses, Circuits, Area, Designations, Dimensional tolerances, Transformers, Electronic equipment and components, Packaging, Laminated cores, Thickness, Power measurement (electric), Magnetic cores
Title in FrenchToles decoupees pour transformateurs et inductances. Caracteristiques electriques et mecaniques
Title in GermanKernbleche fuer Transformatoren und Drosseln. Mechanische und elektrische Eigenschaften
ISBN0 580 47102 0
File Size2.324 MB

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