BS EN 60300-3-14:2004 - Dependability management. Application guide. Maintenance and maintenance support

BS EN 60300-3-14:2004

Dependability management. Application guide. Maintenance and maintenance support

Status : Current   Published : June 2004



Describes a framework for maintenance and maintenance support and the various minimal common practices that should be undertaken.Outlines in a generic manner, management, processes and techniques related to maintenance and maintenance support that are necessary to achieve adequate dependability to meet the operational needs of the customer. Applicable to items, which include all types of products, equipment and systems (hardware and associated software). Most of these require a certain level of maintenance to ensure that their required functionality, dependability, capability, economic, safety and regulatory requirements are achieved.

Standard NumberBS EN 60300-3-14:2004
TitleDependability management. Application guide. Maintenance and maintenance support
Publication Date10 June 2004
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60706-3, EN 60300-1:2003, IEC 61649, IEC 60300-1:2003, HD 485 S1:1987, IEC 60300-3-2, IEC 60300-3-10, IEC 60300-3-11, IEC 60706-5, EN 60300-3-12:2004, IEC 60300-2:2004, EN 60300-2:2004, IEC 61025, IEC 60300-3-12, HD 617 S1:1992, IEC 60300-3-3:2017, IEC 60812
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 9000:2000, IEC 60050-191:1990
ReplacesBS 6548-4:1993, IEC 60706-4:1992
International RelationshipsEN 60300-3-14:2004,IEC 60300-3-14:2004
DescriptorsReplacement control, Maintenance, Electrical equipment, Technical documents, Terotechnology, Reliability, Selection, Quality assurance systems, Repair, Spare parts, Management, Assessed reliability, Electronic equipment and components, Quality control, Maintainability, Personnel, Quality assurance, Planning, Handbooks
Title in FrenchGestion de la surete de fonctionnement. Guide d'application. Maintenance et support de maintenance
Title in GermanZuverlaessigkeitsmanagement. Anwendungsleitfaden. Instandhaltung und Instandhaltungsbereitschaft
ISBN0 580 43879 1
File Size1.039 MB

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