DD CEN ISO/TS 24530-3:2006

DD CEN ISO/TS 24530-3:2006

Traffic and traveller information (TTI). TTI via transport protocol experts group (TPEG) extensible markup language (XML). tpeg-rtmML

Status : Current   Published : May 2006



This document establishes the XML encoding of the method of the Road Traffic Message application.

The TPEG-RTM Application is intended to convey information to road users. The information provided relates to event and some status information on the road network and on associated infrastructure affecting a road journey. For example, limited information about abnormal operation of links in the network may be included, such as ferries, lifting-bridges, etc.

The TPEG-RTM Application has the broad objective to allow the generation of Traffic and Travel Information (TTI) messages, for delivery to the end-user by one or more bearers. A hierarchical methodology has been developed to allow the creation of messages from a set of TPEG-RTM tables, which are essentially word-oriented and cover most needs.

These TPEG-RTM tables (essentially word-oriented data object dictionaries) comprise a wide ranging ability to describe a TTI event and some status information, introducing new precision in a number of areas such as “Vehicle types”, “Positional information on the carriageway” and “Diversion routing advice”.

It is vital, for further understanding of this document, to have more than a passing understanding of the TPEG-RTM binary specification which describes, among other things, in a step-by step approach: Message Management, Level One Classes and how they are structured, hierarchically to provide a full Road Traffic Message together with the TPEG Location Referencing system.

Standard NumberDD CEN ISO/TS 24530-3:2006
TitleTraffic and traveller information (TTI). TTI via transport protocol experts group (TPEG) extensible markup language (XML). tpeg-rtmML
Publication Date31 May 2006
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO/TS 24530-1, ISO/TS 18234-1, ISO/TS 18234-2, ISO/TS 18234-4, ISO/TS 18234-6, ISO 3166-1, ISO 8601
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
International RelationshipsCEN ISO/TS 24530-3:2006,ISO/TS 24530-3:2006
Draft Superseded By03/305985 DC
DescriptorsTraffic, Traffic control, Transportation, Messages, Data transmission, Programming languages, Coding (programming), Programing, Data processing, Data transfer, Information exchange, Data elements, Passenger transport, Road transport
Title in FrenchInformations sur le trafic et le tourisme (TTI). Messages TTI via le langage de balisage extensible (XML) du groupe d'experts du protocole de transport (TPEG). tpegrtmML
Title in GermanReise- und verkehrsinformation (TTI). TTI ueber Datenstroeme der Transportprotokoll Expertengruppe (TPEG) Erweiterbare Auszeichnungssprache (XML). tpeg-rtmML
ISBN0 580 47129 2
File Size876.6 KB

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