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BS EN 60598-1:2000

Luminaires. General requirements and tests

Status : Revised, Withdrawn   Published : November 2000 Replaced By : BS EN 60598-1:2004

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Luminaires - Part 1: General requirements and tests

Executive summary

 General and safety requirements for luminaries.


This part of  EN 60598 specifies general requirements for luminaires, incorporating electric light sources for operation from supply voltages up to 1 000 V. The requirements and related tests of this European Standard cover: classification, marking, mechanical construction and electrical construction. Requirements are included in this Standard for luminaires incorporating ignitors with nominal peak values of the voltage pulse. The requirements apply to luminaires with ignitors built into ballasts and to luminaires with ignitors separate from ballasts.

In this Standard requirements for semi-luminaires are included. This Standard provides a set of requirements and tests which are considered to be generally applicable to most types of luminaires and which can be called up as required by the detail specifications of IEC 60598-2. Attention is drawn to the fact that this Standard covers all aspects of safety (electrical, thermal and mechanical) and lamp performance standards which contain "information for luminaire design"; this should be followed for proper lamp operation; however, this Standard does not require the testing of lamps performance as part of the type test approval for luminaires.

History and related standards

This European Standard supersedes BS EN 60598-1:1997 which will be withdrawn on 2007-04-01. This Standard includes the following cross-references:

IEC 60061-2:1969, IEC 60061-3:1969, IEC 60065:1985, IEC 60068-2-63:1991, IEC 60083:1975, IEC 60085:1984, IEC 60112:1979, IEC 60155:1993, IEC 60216, IEC 60227, IEC 60238:1991, IEC 60245: IEC 60320: IEC 60357:1982, IEC 60360:1987, IEC 60364-3:1993, IEC 60364-7-702:1983, IEC 60384-14:1993, IEC 60400:1991, IEC 60416:1988, IEC 60417:1973, IEC 60432-1:1993, IEC 60432-2:1994,

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Standard NumberBS EN 60598-1:2000
TitleLuminaires. General requirements and tests
StatusRevised, Withdrawn
Publication Date15 November 2000
Withdrawn Date01 July 2007
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
Replaced ByBS EN 60598-1:2004
ReplacesBS EN 60598-1:1997
International RelationshipsEN 60598-1ModIEC 60598-1:2000,IEC 60598-1:1999
Amended ByAMD 13039
AMD 13092
AMD 13308
AMD 14413
Corrigendum, May 2003
DescriptorsDischarge lamps, Luminaires, Equipment safety, Marking, Safety devices, Lighting equipment, Safety measures, Classification systems, Electrical safety, Design, Type testing, Electrical testing, Incandescent lamps, Mechanical testing
Title in FrenchLuminaires. Prescriptions generales et essais
Title in GermanLeuchten. Allgemeine Anforderungen und Pruefungen
ISBN0 580 36568 9
File Size2.498 MB

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